More Opportunities for Wider Audience in CiviMobile Version 5.0

Just when we thought that CiviMobile project can move only forward, the road takes it far and wide in every direction, to every user, fundraiser, volunteer, supporter, enthusiast and every person who cares. Starting with version 5.0 CiviMobile opens up for a wide audience of unregistered users.

CiviMobile goes global with optimized localization process

The day CiviMobile team rolled out its international CiviMobile localization project is long gone. The project is running full blast, gathering pace with every new release of CiviMobile and with every new account of its further international outreach.

Reaching new users and higher goals

Smart organizing power of CiviCalendar 3.4.0

With this new release, Agiliway takes СiviCalendar for the excellence-seeking ride to be the smartest organizing and scheduling Civi component. Visual, intuitive, clever and easy to use due to earlier releases, its recent update makes it alluring even for the one who never thought to be a calendar-person. As a major improvement the CiviCalendar extension suggests new ways to interact with your calendar.

More advanced configuration settings

CiviMobile 4.2 Released. What’s new?

Right on cue CiviMobile app scales up to offer nonprofit organization’s constituents the best experience of CiviCRM functionality on their smartphones. From the outset CiviMobile offered its users fast and responsive performance of a native mobile app. Following few releases, it has accumulated wide user capabilities for CRM data management, which continue to expand.

What Is New


Announcing New Release of CiviMobile 4.1

As the CiviMobile version numbers continue to increment, the user experience of the mobile application improves with exponential growth. Members of NGOs and nonprofits are no longer office bound by a desktop CiviCRM application. What they have instead is a core CiviCRM functionality at their fingertips every time and everywhere. Our new release of CiviMobile 4.1 further refines the app introducing custom field functionality, among other updates.

What Is New

Custom Fields