17 July, 2019

Hosting events is a complex process, which requires a structured approach to sticking to the schedule and managing participants. Now it is getting easier to organize the entire workflow from registration to check-in with the new version of CiviMobile app. Whether it is the indoor or outdoor event, the mobile app will help you perform better and optimize working processes including participants registration and management, ticketing, and participants check-in at the event venue. With a new release of CiviMobile, you are able to control all the event details on your mobile device anywhere and anytime, which contributes to the consistent event planning and hosting.

What Is New

In the new...

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22 April, 2019

Agiliway continues actively working on CiviMobile - a mobile app that allows leveraging all the benefits of CiviCRM anywhere and anytime. The major change introduced in the second release was the ability to update CiviCRM data via mobile app. Current third release of CiviMobile has a set of new important changes complementing the mobile application with additional value.

What Is New

The new features that users are about to discover in the latest version of CiviMobile are:


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03 January, 2019

CiviMobile Store

CiviMobile Store

We are glad to announce that CiviMobile – a mobile app for CiviCRM – is available for one more language, Italian. The new localization has been completed on demand of CiviMobile users from Italy who were actively reaching out asking for such an update. Now, users from Italy can both read the description of the application on AppStore and Google Play Market and use the application in...

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25 October, 2018

CiviMobile - a native mobile app for CiviCRM

As we have notified earlier, Agiliway has released a native CiviMobile application to address the users’ need to use CiviCRM system on the go. The mobile application for CiviCRM built on React Native technology provides secure connection to CiviCRM platform and enhances user experience with the system due to unique smartphones’ features, such as being readily available, working offline, allowing to dial contacts in one click or...

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25 July, 2018

The constituents of NGOs and nonprofits regularly leave the workplace to work with the local communities or vulnerable groups. As a result, members of organisations often lack an access to the CRM system and cannot find the necessary information on their cases during the fieldwork. Agiliway has developed a mobile application for CiviCRM - CiviMobile - that allows organisations’ members to reach their CiviCRM databases anywhere and anytime .

The first basic version of CiviMobile allows users to establish a secure connection to the CiviCRM databases and search for the necessary information. In particular, the current version of...

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27 May, 2016
By jamie

Anyone who has tried to login to their CiviCRM database via their phone knows the feeling: utter helplessness. You would even be forgiven for thinking CiviCRM is actively hostile to the small screen.

This initial experience of the un-initiated CiviCRM user on the phone will probably remain until the eventual adoption of the Bootstrap framework (a CSS framework with built-in mobile/responsive elements).

What may be surprising to many, however, is that CiviCRM today is quite mobile friendly in all the important areas. You just have to put the pieces together.

After a long discussion on the Civi Partners list of the myriad ways CiviCRM developers have been integrating Boostrap into their projects, Allan Dixon started a page documenting them.

The Bootstrap page includes both the...

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04 May, 2015
By roshani
Filed under CiviMobile

As we are living in an increasingly mobile-focused world, how can CiviCRM can be integrated with mobile and leverage features native to mobile? During the recent CiviCRM Sprint in Colorado, a group of us got together to discuss what currently exists, what's in the works and new features that would be helpful to include in the future. 

We started off by discussing CiviMobile, a web app developed with the jQuery Mobile framework by Peter McAndrew in December 2011.  The web app focuses on three main areas: Events, Contacts and Surveys. Click here to see some screenshots included in a previous blog post. CiviMobile currently works with CiviCRM 4.3, but the core team is working on the new release that will work with CiviCRM 4.6.

Here's the feedback and requirements we worked on as a result of the discussion we...

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24 September, 2012
Filed under CiviMobile

De Goede Woning (our biggest and oldest CiviCRM client) have expressed lots of interest in CiviMobile. For them the main focus is on Activities and Cases. It is really important for the workers to be able to access and maintain data whilst on the road visiting and helping customers and stakeholders. So here is my first draft of what is required functionally, any thoughts and comments much appreciated!! We will probably start developing this stuff in October. The generic idea is that we keep the mobile functionality limited to the bare minimum as we expect the more involved tasks to happen in the back office.


Generic Navigation

When accessing CiviMobile for the first time the user will have to login to CiviMobile. Ideally this should only be done the first time and then be automatic, but only if we can find a way that is secure enough.

The user should then see the Home menu. This menu should also be available with a Home button from any spot in...

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21 August, 2012
Filed under CiviMobile

It's been quite a while since my last CiviMobile update but that's not to say that I haven't been busy :)

Back in November I wrote a blog post about what I was planning to do in the way of making a mobile app for CiviCRM.  This was to be done in conjunction with my final year project at uni, which involved completing various milestones, demos and reports fro my project supervisor at City University, London.
I've been developing CiviMobile in my spare time when I'm not working as a CiviCRM implementor for Third Sector Design and studying Computer Science.  At the beginning of the month I submitted my final report for the project which was a report detailing the problem I was planning to solve, the objectives, the beneficiaries and the technology I used to implement the app.  That is actually quite a nice structure which I'll use to explain a bit more about CiviMobile.
The Problem:
What I...
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12 May, 2012
Filed under CiviMobile, API

While we were working hard on a number of applications for free and open source market one of the application which was released by us was the CiviSync Mobile app for Android. You can download it from Google Play on your phone or here.

The App currently only supports read only mode and allows you to check your contacts, organisations, households, activities and groups. The app is developed using PhoneGap and hence it is easy to convert the app to an iPhone, Windows Mobile or Blackberry app when the need or the requirement comes from the market.

Once again the first version relied a bit on our extended API provided by CiviSync CMS component for Joomla and Drupal but in the next version we have moved away from using CiviSync CMS and towards using the native API for the search results.

In order to use CiviSync Mobile you need the following details:

  1. ...
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