Agiliway has Released the Second Version of CiviMobile Application

2018-10-25 02:44
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CiviMobile - a native mobile app for CiviCRM

As we have notified earlier, Agiliway has released a native CiviMobile application to address the users’ need to use CiviCRM system on the go. The mobile application for CiviCRM built on React Native technology provides secure connection to CiviCRM platform and enhances user experience with the system due to unique smartphones’ features, such as being readily available, working offline, allowing to dial contacts in one click or use navigation.

The first version of CiviMobile app by Agiliway has already had many beneficial features allowing CiviCRM users to search through contacts, view cases and activities, search through and subscribe to events and much more. Nevertheless, the features were available in a “read-only” mode with no ability to edit the information. Thus, as promised, we have been working on the development of a second version, which now allows not only to view, but also to make changes to the CiviCRM system using a mobile device.

The difference between the first and the second version of CiviMobile app can be easily traced using the following table:


First Version of CiviMobile

Second Version of CiviMobile

Data Synchronization

The database of the mobile app synchronizes with a CiviCRM database

Security and role-based data access


User profiles

Add a new contact (individual, household, organization)


Edit contact information  


Edit contact details including phone numbers, emails, physical and web addresses of various types


Search contacts by name

View and filter the list of all contacts available in the CiviCRM system  


View recent searches and popular contacts   



Events, cases and activities are displayed in a Graphical Calendar on the dashboard

Push notifications

Notifications of the changes in the system, e.g. new activity assigned to the user


Upcoming event notifications



The list of all events

Filter the events by type, date or title

View the details of an event

Share an event

View the events’ locations on the map

Switch to navigation and see directions to the events’ locations


Event registration


View a case and its details

Filter cases by titles, types and dates


Change the status of a case


Add new activities to a case



Access an activity and its details

Filter activities by titles, types and dates


Create new activity


Edit activity details


Assign a responsible user and/or a performer for an activity   


Offline work


CiviMobile - a native mobile app for CiviCRM

As you might have spotted, in the second version of CiviMobile app, Agiliway has added many important features. First of all, users are now able to add and edit the information available in the CRM. Organisations can now manage the access to sensitive data via the mobile app setting custom permission rights to the users. Push notifications make sure a user will not miss any important updates about his events, contacts or cases and will immediately be notified of new activities assigned to him. The much anticipated “show directions” feature has been enabled. In addition, the overall navigation has been improved to become more stable.

To start using the second version of CiviMobile with all the new features, a CiviMobile API extension should be installed on your CiviCRM server. If you haven’t updated the extension yet, there is no need to worry - the mobile application will continue working, in a read-only mode of a previous version though.

We hope you enjoy the widened functionality of the CiviMobile app by Agiliway. Install the latest version of CiviMobile API to try out the updated application in action or see how it works using a test system available on our demo site. We plan to develop the app even further, so be sure to visit the CiviMobile website and subscribe for news and updates not to miss the following release.


Anonymous (not verified)
2018-10-30 - 06:33

Brilliant, it's perfect for us to be able to add contacts on the go.

Just wondering if there's a roadmap for the development of features for future updates? Personally, a big easy win for us would be access to Contact Notes.

Custom fields would be great too, but realise this is a much larger undertaking.

thank you for the suggestion. I think Notes should be doable. I'll see if we can add to the next release.

Custom fields - we already analyzed such possibility. Besides adding the field, you will need a way to place it on the screen. This is a bit harder task. No good solution yet.

Actually, we have created a project to track CiviMobile request. Here

You can use it to suggest new features.