CiviCRM as an open source software application is driven by a community of contributors and coordinated by the Core Team. Bug fixes, new features and improvements, and ongoing maintenance happen on a continuous basis, however not every new feature request makes it in. Often times, new features need to be funded, including scope, development, QA, etc. That’s where Make It Happen campaigns come in.

Make It Happen (MIH) campaigns are a great way to get or support new features that you’d like to see into CiviCRM. Driven by the community, MIH campaigns appeal to community support and are often a fast, easy way to give back to support a specific new feature or improvement. They’re CiviCRM’s form of crowdfunding! Not only do they fund a specific project, a portion of each MIH campaign directly support the Core Team.

Interested in kicking off an MIH? Check out our Make It Happen FAQs and guidelines.

Campaign basics

  • Purpose: migrate the installation, setup, and upgrade documentation out of the wiki and into a beautiful guide on our new documentation platform.
  • Minimum: $2,000 USD
  • Deadline: Oct 15th, 2017
  • Developer: Sean Madsen
  • Two ways to back this campaign:
    • Donate now if you trust the campaign will succeed. (If the campaign fails to meet the minimum before the deadline, the project will not be implemented and your donation will go towards CiviCRM LLC.)
    • Pay later to pledge a payment you will deliver only if this campaign is funded.
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Sept 17th Update: 100% funded!

Thanks to the generous support of these service providers and community members, this MIH campaign reached its target in under 4 days!

Keep an eye on the GitHub project repository, and stay tuned to the blog and documentation chat room for more updates.

We need a System Administrator Guide

For about a year and a half, community members have been slowly migrating CiviCRM documentation to a new system on which uses MkDocs to build awesome guides. It blows the wiki out of the water! The User Guide and Developer Guide are now fully migrated and providing vital, time-saving information to users and developers. Hooray!

But something is missing... you'll still need to wade through the wiki to learn about topics like: installation, setup, and upgrades. The wiki is messy, hard to navigate, and even harder to maintain. For almost two years, community members have been planning to port this content to MkDocs by building a System Administrator Guide. Still, no one has begun working on this project.

I will build the System Administrator Guide... if you support this campaign.

This campaign will deliver it

I've already created a GitHub repository for the guide and used it to create a planned outline, which several community members have endorsed.

This campaign will migrate existing content into the guide, from the wiki and some other sources as needed.

My planned outline does include a few pages on topics that don't already have any content anywhere. For example, there's no page on "data redaction" in the wiki. In these (very few) cases, I will provide placeholder pages and GitHub tickets to track the future work of writing this content. Like CiviCRM, the guide will never be "done" and always a work in progress. But this campaign will kickstart it by delivering a product which shifts system administrators away from the wiki and into docs that feel comprehensive and polished.

After this campaign is funded, when can you expect to have the Sysadmin Guide within three months.


All the best things come in 3's... Star Wars / Back to the Future films... wise men... blind mice... 

(Ok so not so sure about that last one...)

but there is something the definitely would be best in 3's and thats the phases of the Mosaico mailing project! ( least until we get to phase 4!)

For the uninitiated you can read all about Mosaico and Version 2 of the extension here:

And so on to lucky (version) number 3!

So what do we have planned for the next phase?

  • RSS to email block

  • Integration for Scheduled reminders

  • Integration for A-B testing emails

  • Refining the token requirements validation errors to be a bit more "friendly" 

  • Preview template in responsive screen (aka Mailchimp)

  • Advanced attachments - (Attachments that can show like an image gallery) but the system would create drag-n-drop links instead after upload. This would involve sending a PR upstream to Mosaico core.

  • Use actual thumbnails instead of base placeholders for templates on screen 2.1

  • Import/manage/delete code through the UI for "base templates"

  • Conditional content based on groups

We're looking to raise $25k for the above work and have already raised the first $5k (and we havent even launched yet!).

If you would like to get involved, can think of any useful features that we haven't listed or have a particular feature above that you would like to sponsor then please email and we'll look to get you all joined up with the project!

Happy mailing!