CiviCRM as an open source software application is driven by a community of contributors and coordinated by the Core Team. Bug fixes, new features and improvements, and ongoing maintenance happen on a continuous basis, however not every new feature request makes it in. Often times, new features need to be funded, including scope, development, QA, etc. That’s where Make It Happen campaigns come in.

Make It Happen (MIH) campaigns are a great way to get or support new features that you’d like to see into CiviCRM. Driven by the community, MIH campaigns appeal to community support and are often a fast, easy way to give back to support a specific new feature or improvement. They’re CiviCRM’s form of crowdfunding! Not only do they fund a specific project, a portion of each MIH campaign directly support the Core Team.

Interested in kicking off an MIH? Check out our Make It Happen FAQs and guidelines.

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Broadly speaking, APIv4 will allow organizations using CiviCRM to:

  • Better integrate with 3rd party software.

  • More easily extend and customize their installation.

  • Take advantage of new features developed with this technology.

On a more technical level, APIv4 will build-upon and improve the previous version by:

  • Improving searches that join across multiple entities (e.g. Tags for Contacts).

  • Allowing bulk update/delete of multiple items.

  • Standardizing api signature for every entity.

  • Enabling complex and/or/not logic in searches.

  • Increasing stability with full test coverage.

APIv4 represents one of three key objectives in our roadmap and is a critical improvement to improving both the flexibility and performance of CiviCRM. An api is an "Application Program Interface" used to create, read, update or delete information in the database. It is used by extensions, 3rd-party integrations, customizations, and increasingly by the core CiviCRM software itself. CiviCRM currently ships with api version 3, which has many excellent features but also some limitations which hinder development of api-based applications.

Developers: CiviCRM Core Team