CiviCRM as an open source software application is driven by a community of contributors and coordinated by the Core Team. Bug fixes, new features and improvements, and ongoing maintenance happen on a continuous basis, however not every new feature request makes it in. Often times, new features need to be funded, including scope, development, QA, etc. That’s where Make It Happen campaigns come in.

Make It Happen (MIH) campaigns are a great way to get or support new features that you’d like to see into CiviCRM. Driven by the community, MIH campaigns appeal to community support and are often a fast, easy way to give back to support a specific new feature or improvement. They’re CiviCRM’s form of crowdfunding! Not only do they fund a specific project, a portion of each MIH campaign directly support the Core Team.

Interested in kicking off an MIH? Check out our Make It Happen FAQs and guidelines.

Confirmed Make it happens for this release:

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Update: The matching grant donor confirmed they will match up to $20,000 for CiviVolunteer 2.0 for funds raised by March 31st.

We invite you to join us as a CiviVolunteer Champion by funding the new features and improvements that you care about the most. We have the opportunity to receive a matching grant of $15,000 to go towards the development of CiviVolunteer 2.0 if we can raise this amount by March 31st. 

We understand what a critical role volunteers play in nonprofit organizations. We started by allowing organizations to manage volunteers for events. Now it’s time to expand. We have gotten feedback from many of you. Help us bring these ideas to fruition. Investing in open source gives you a voice in determining the direction of the tools you rely on. Improving CiviVolunteer will enable many organizations to bring their volunteer management operations in-house, adding another facet to the 360-degree view of constituent engagement that CiviCRM provides.

We have a list of suggested features, but you can also suggest additional features. There is more discussion of potential features on the wiki. Click here to learn more about the campaign and suggested features.

Lead: Roshani Kothari (

Developers: Ginkgo Street