FormBuilder: Support for Contributions

One of the most powerful and important features of FormBuilder is arguably the most complex, hence why we’ve been patient (some might say ‘slow’) in its implementation. We’re talking about support for contributions, i.e. processing payments, in FormBuilder 

But, as the saying goes in the great country of Texas, it’s time to “take the bull by the horns”.

Exciting, we know, though maybe not for the bull. Anyhow, before we get saddled up, let’s set a few expectations up front:

  1. This isn’t going to happen overnight. We’re continuing to lay the groundwork in FormBuilder as well as working up plans for a dedicated code sprint in 2024 to make this happen. We want to align all of those currently working with FormBuilder and with payment processors such that we can develop and release a solid version 1 of this functionality. Stay tuned for more information on this.
  2. Version 1 will be just that… version 1, meaning it will likely not support each and every use case involving taking payments online. Our objective is to establish a baseline off of which we can build more complex functionality.

We’re spinning up this Make It Happen campaign to raise financial support for this initiative. The more and sooner we raise funds, the faster we can get to work. If support for contributions in FormBuilder would be valuable for you, your organization or your company, please consider making a donation today.

Why do we need financial support?

The CiviCRM Core Team is funded largely by community support and by earned income. And while we’ve achieved a balance over the years, the reality is that we take the earned income whenever we can and, as a result, priorities often get shifted or delayed in order to accommodate the priorities of others. 

In some cases, this works well. For example, SearchKit was conceived and funded largely by the Wikimedia Foundation, and it’s now become a centerpiece of CiviCRM.

In the case of FormBuilder, it’s often been pushed to a lower priority in favor of unrelated earned income projects. However, with both APIv4 and SearchKit mature and “in the wild”, we really must focus heavily on getting FormBuilder on par. Community support allows us to more heavily focus on these types of priorities in lieu of pursuing earned income. 

Please consider a donation today to help us implement support for contributions in FormBuilder.


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