Whether you provide financial support, code or simply raise local awareness of CiviCRM, your support directly impacts the overall project and contributes to its sustainability and its success. Many thousands of organizations rely on CiviCRM worldwide. Your support and participation enables the CiviCRM Core Team to continue to maintain and improve upon the leading open source CRM for nonprofits in the world. Thank you for your support!

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"When you support CiviCRM, you empower organizations seeking to make real and lasting change around the world. You give not only to CiviCRM, you give through CiviCRM."

Donald Lobo, Co-founder & project adviser


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Whether downloading and donating, attending a specific event, one-time gifts help sustain CiviCRM for the 11,061 organizations worldwide that rely on it. Support CiviCRM today and help do a world of good.

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Give back to the project that is benefiting your company through ongoing and event sponsorship and receive sponsor-only benefits including promotion to CiviCRM's network of nonprofits and service providers.

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With over 11,061 organizations using CiviCRM, it's truly an open source CRM that does a world of good.

CiviCRM is California based Limited Liability Company. It is not a charity, though it operates as a not for profit organization and is investigating the transition to a benefit corporation or similar business structure. Learn more about the Core Team behind CiviCRM, how it operates and how the project is performing.