Progressive Technology Project

Austin, United States


About Us

Progressive Technology Project is committed to building the capacity of grassroots social justice organizations made up of people of color, immigrant, low-income, and other marginalized constituencies across the country. Since 1998, we’ve worked specifically with organizations striving to achieve social, economic, and environmental justice to build power in order to improve conditions for themselves. We exist to help these groups and the constituencies they serve do their work better—more efficiently and effectively—so they more often win the changes they’re fighting for. We do that by helping groups strengthen their capacity—Infrastructure, skills, understanding, and practice—to integrate proven technologies into the daily life of their organizations. PTP is an infrastructure organization and a movement partner working in the sweet spot at the intersection of organizing, voter engagement, communications, grassroots fundraising, and technology. After working with hundreds of grassroots community-based groups for over 17 years – with many of which we continue to develop deeper engagements that further their work to expand civic participation, develop community leaders, and influence public policy – we’ve reached the conclusion that it isn’t effective to address these issues separately. In today’s world, organizations need to be agile, develop individual skills and understanding of appropriate uses of technology, create an organizational culture of using meaningful data, and effectively align and integrate both their online and on-the ground work in all of these areas in order to maximize their impact.

Our CiviCRM services

Progressive Technology Project developed PowerBase, based on CiviCRM, with features and workflows designed for and by community organizing and advocacy groups. PowerBase is more than just a database: it’s a completely integrated system of hosting, training, coaching, consulting, and support from an experienced team pursing a single mission: helping groups organizing in communities of color and low income communities reach their goals. By adopting a database like PowerBase / CiviCRM, an organizing group can make a quantum leap in capacity to a new level of communication, efficiency and success. PTP is a partner with each organization every step of the way: from initial set up to planning the first campaign to measuring the effectiveness of the outreach. PTP is ready to be an extra set of hands to help its organizing partners manage organizational change and make societal change.