SearchKit Visualizations

We’ve beaten the SearchKit drum now long enough that it’s almost a household term. Seriously though, if you’re not already using SearchKit, you need to check it. Especially now that support for visualizations is under active development.

Thanks to Ben and his perseverance at the sprint in Manchester (Oct 2023), SearchKit not only crunches data like a pro, it can look pretty too! Welcome to the wonderful world of charts and graphs for SearchKit!

But, like most new developments, we need support to push this work to a stable, useful stage such that it can be used in production. If you’re loving SearchKit, now is a great time to support a powerful new capability that will take SearchKit to the next level!

Why do we need financial support?

The CiviCRM Core Team is funded largely by community support and by earned income. And while we’ve achieved a balance over the years, the reality is that we take the earned income whenever we can and, as a result, priorities often get shifted or delayed in order to accommodate the priorities of others. 

In some cases, this works well. For example, SearchKit was conceived and funded largely by the Wikimedia Foundation, and it’s now become a centerpiece of CiviCRM.

In many cases, however, new features that would be beneficial to the community at large are delayed in favor of paid projects. You can change this by supporting the various features in active development that resonate most with you!