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2012-08-21 03:50
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It's been quite a while since my last CiviMobile update but that's not to say that I haven't been busy :)

Back in November I wrote a blog post about what I was planning to do in the way of making a mobile app for CiviCRM.  This was to be done in conjunction with my final year project at uni, which involved completing various milestones, demos and reports fro my project supervisor at City University, London.
I've been developing CiviMobile in my spare time when I'm not working as a CiviCRM implementor for Third Sector Design and studying Computer Science.  At the beginning of the month I submitted my final report for the project which was a report detailing the problem I was planning to solve, the objectives, the beneficiaries and the technology I used to implement the app.  That is actually quite a nice structure which I'll use to explain a bit more about CiviMobile.
The Problem:
What I was aiming to achieve with CiviMobile was to give people a way to access their CiviCRM database on the move through a mobile device.  Having never developed a mobile app before I wasn't sure what would be achievable in the time I had, so I initially started with some basic features, such as being able to search edit contacts.  
The app was aimed at the CiviCRM administrator, giving them access to backend features on a mobile device.
The Tech:
CiviMobile is currently implemented as a Drupal module and uses jQueryMobile framework.  Once you get used to some simple jQueryMobile concepts developing becomes quite straight forward.
Who has been involved?
Lobo and Kurund from the core team have been involved in the project and have provided a lot of support throughout which I am truly grateful for, as without them I would have not been able to achieve what I have over the past months.  
There has been quite a lot of interest from various people in the community wanting to get involved and offer help.  Unfortunately one of the constraints on the project was that it was to be an individual piece of work, so up until now we have had two separate repositories for CiviMobile, project and community, which is less than ideal.  Thankfully, now that I have submitted my project we can now merge the repositories and better coordinate community effort - so if you'd like to help out with CiviMobile please do get in touch.  Once the repositories have been merged I will make another post with more info on how to setup CiviMobile.
Okay so enough with the talk.  You can check out the app here: or here is a mobile friendly link:
I've also added some screen shots below incase you don't have time to checkout the app:) 
Contacts (add, search, edit):
Events (view events, participants, checkin participants):
Survey (view surveys, respondants, record response):
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