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2020-07-07 06:14
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Well on track changing the nonprofit organization perspective towards fast access, smooth interaction and greater event attendee convenience, today CiviMobile app flaunts its major enhancement, a must-have and looked-for feature, CiviMobile payment.  

Next time somebody registers for a paid event, they’ll conveniently and easily purchase tickets through the app, while your organization accept in-person payment, which is secure and fast. In other words, in-app mobile payment functionality is now integrated in CiviMobile app. 

How to make in-app payments

In-app payments require little to no effort on user part, which is definitely one of their greatest strengths. A user studies event details and when decision is made to invest time and energy into your organization incentive, they tap Register. In the meantime, CiviMobile gives user an option to register and pay for tickets by card within the app through an integrated payment processing system (payment processor). Payment processor (PayPal, Autorize.Net, Stripe, etc.) will communicate securely payment information between the payment sender, receiver, the issuing bank, and the acquiring bank. 

In-app payment
Pic.1 Registering for an event 

With just a few finger taps CiviMobile users will register for an event and purchase the tickets (Pic.1): 

  • When on Event details screen tap Register button 
  • Enter your first name, last name, email address and put a checkmark next to the fee amount 
  • Tap Register button linked to Payment page  
  • Select payment processor  (e.g. PayPal payment button) and log in to your account (e.g. PayPal account) 

Done. The payment processor will now send the information to the bank that issued the sender card. After verification the bank approves the transaction and payment is completed.  The functionality eliminates the need to note down the receiver card credentials or type them in every time users register for upcoming events. CiviMobile users will pay easily, fast and what’s equally important, securely.

The payment processing service providers secure sensitive data transfer with the most recent data encryption technology. They serve as an intermediary service which accepts payments, while the event organizer has encrypted access to the sender credit card details or bank account number.   

However, in cases when CiviMobile user has no account with a payment service provider and would rather not create one, they can fill out the form with all requested card details and register for an event directly within the mobile application. 

How to enable in-app payments

The simplicity around in-app mobile payments is a huge step towards improved user engagement. Yet the implementation of the functionality is a bit of a handful that calls for tech skills. Registering for events and purchasing tickets fast and securely inside CiviMobile requires integrating the app with third-party payment processing systems (PayPal, Stripe, Autorize.Net, etc).

To save you the trouble and headache we did the integration and leave you with few final short steps to add the payment processor in your CiviCRM:   

  • Create PayPal, Stripe, Autorize.Net, etc.  account to be able to collect the funds from registration
  • Go to CiviCRM admin panel, select Administer => System Setting => Payment Processors 
  • Click “Add payment processors” in Payment Processor Form 
  • Select Payment Processor (PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe or other) and fill all required fields (Pic.2)
Pic.2 Payment Processor Form

That’s all it takes to enable the functionality. From now on when you create a paid event, make sure to configure it as paid on the Configure Event page: 

  • Switch to the Fee tab and check the radio button Yes for Paid Event 
  • Switch to the Online Registration tab and check the box to enable online registration

It’s all set to accept funds from registration with no hassle of sending payment credentials every time someone registers for an event. 

CiviMobile payment functionality powered by trusted payment service providers is not all about money. It’s more about event attendee convenience and smooth user experience. Set it up and feel its benefits. 

But wait, there’s more!

Give a trial run to some other must-have features and improvements CiviMobile team rolls out in release 5.2.  Now available in CiviMobile 5.2, the following enhancements solve some of the most common pain points while capturing the most recurrent use cases: 

  • Support of multi-session events 

The functionality tops the list of updates in this release. As of now CiviMobile event planning and management functionality empowers multi-session events that extend through several days and locations.

  • Event Agenda

With the launch of CiviMobile 5.2, the app will display a detailed event agenda. Access key information about sessions, speakers and venues in a user-friendly calendar format.  CiviMobile agenda meets users' expectations for convenience and more details by allowing event attendees to view session details, create personal agenda, add sessions to favorites, learn more about speakers and event venues.

  • "Create activity" icon added to the calendar screen   

Start new activity as you check your schedule for the day in the calendar. Why disperse your focus and switch to another menu item when activity can be planned right from the Calendar screen? As you check your to-do list in a calendar, simply tap the Add icon in the top right corner and type in the required details. Do it fast and just in time before something else has your attention.

  • Contact activities and events displayed  

Users will now be able to view their contacts activities. Check your contacts’ schedule when you set up a meeting, phone call or make arrangements. As you tap the calendar icon in the contact profile, the contact activities and events will come into view, giving you information about contact availability and preferences of event participants. Feel the ease and comfort of your daily interactions with contacts. 

For more information on this release please see Agenda reinforces Event Management Toolkit in CiviMobile 5.2 For the latest updates on releases, including a list of improvements and fixes in each release, refer to 

As you explore new features, we are all over some more "coming soon" features for you. Stay connected.