Getting zappy with CiviCRM and Zapier

2024-05-30 19:51
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The first release of the CiviCRM Zapier extension is now available!

This extension uses CiviRules and Zapier to allow the user to link CiviRule actions to actions in third-party applications such as Google Sheets, Slack and other CRMs such as Active Campaign (and hundreds of other platforms).

We have recently been using this with ActiveCampaign so that

  • new contacts are created in AC when a new contact is created in CiviCRM
  • updating contacts in CiviCRM pushes updated data to AC (using External ID for matching)
  • Membership records that are created or updated in CiviCRM are pushed through to AC.

Our original requirement for this feature was simply to save data from CiviCRM into a google sheet whenever an event participant was added. This allowed non CiviCRM users to view and edit participant data with very minimal setup.

The UX for this is all pretty straightforward. Once you have a Zapier account set up you can create a zap by choosing CiviCRM from the available triggers, then under App & Event choosing for example Event = New Contact (or Participant etc), connecting the fields and firing the data through.

There is a more detailed explanation of this here. At this point we do not have the functionality in place for pulling data in to CiviCRM but it is on our list. If you would like to touch base with Fuzion about this, or adding other features to this integration, please contact us via this form.

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