13 September, 2017
Filed under v4.7, Backdrop, CiviCRM

If you've been holding back from using Backdrop because your site requires the popular and powerful CiviCRM, hold back no longer. You can now easily install CiviCRM on Backdrop, or migrate it from your Drupal 7/CiviCRM setup.

CiviCRM and Backdrop CMS, two projects who focus on helping non-profits, fit together quite nicely. You can now easily install CiviCRM on Backdrop and benefit from the robust Drupal-like architecture with an extra helping of the user-friendliness added by Backdrop.

At our agency, Freeform Solutions, we are quite interested in the progress of Backdrop CMS. Non-profits want the power of Drupal but the user friendliness of WordPress. It has been a really hard sell to get them to upgrade from Drupal 6 to 7. For many their entire budget could go into the upgrade and they had little left for anything they really wanted. With Backdrop CMS, it was a relief to hear that backwards...

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