09 February, 2018

Aloha, everyone! As you all know, CiviCRM is shipped with a lot of useful report templates for each CiviCRM entities. You can use these templates to create difference report instances to interrogate your data.

However, if you are report geeks like us, you might sometimes find that the existing templates don’t quite give you the flexibility you need. There is the excellent extended reports extension which you should definitely check out here; but if you are trying to do something a bit more complex; or looking for a graphical output then your may still be exporting your data into Excel or Google sheets to do more analysis…

The CiviCRM Pivot Report extension intends to change...

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08 February, 2018
By petednz
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CiviCoop have produced a wonderful extension, Documenten, which provides some great new features for adding attachments to Case Activities and storing them in a user-friendly way (a Documents tab on the Contact record), as well as the ability to update files with newer versions of the file. Some of the extensions features were only functioning when Cases and Activities were being created through the Webform CiviCRM feature.

After trialling the extension we found that the client needed some enhancements to provide more flexibility - or consistency - in terms of how attachments could be added, rather than just through the Webform interface.

With our tweaks to the extension it is now possible to add documents to the 'document library' directly via CiviCase, as well as via Webform, and via Inbound Emails. The process works whether the attachments are being added to the Case itself, or to...
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08 February, 2018
By petednz
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MEAA are a union organisation in Australia with a very wide brief including both union activism and membership drives, as well as legal services to its members.

They use Cases extensively and we were keen to deliver some improvements to 'inbound email' so that they could include the case id in the subject, and have the email added to the relevant case.

The 4.7.30 release has seen our additions for using case id added to core. Prior to our patch it was only possible to add Inbound Emails by using the the case hash value - which was hard/impossible to figure from the UI. The improvement means that an email where the subject includes "[case #1234]" will add the email as an Activity to Case 1234 - woohoo!


The core functionality of Inbound mail creating activities is documented...

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14 November, 2017

With a clear roadmap towards improved CiviCRM experience, Agiliway team keeps aligning CiviCRM software capabilities with an end-user working environment. The newly released CiviCalendar extension is our most recent solution and an absolutely necessary stop. From now on CiviCRM users can easily visualize their daily, weekly and monthly activities within CiviCRM.


CiviCalendar is styled to resemble Microsoft Outlook Calendar. For visual distinction the list view is replaced with graphic calendar squares, while entries are shown in different colors. User-friendly interface and intuitive navigation make it a breeze for users to add items...

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28 January, 2016
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My name is Lisa Taliano and I’m a Senior IT Manager for the National Urban League, one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the US, founded in 1910.

It is dedicated to empowering African Americans and other underserved urban communities to secure economic self-reliance, equality, power and justice by providing human services in education, employment, housing, and healthcare.  NUL operates 25 national programs through their local affiliates network, re-granting 25 million dollars annually to 95 affiliates in 36 states across the country. 

I was hired by NUL 3 years ago to help them develop an online program management system. When I came on board, they were running their programs (tracking eligibility, enrollment, activities, and outcomes data) using a huge array of paper forms and excel spreadsheets. After reviewing the different program and...

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24 September, 2015
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We are happy to announce that we have introduced CiviCase functionality in Outlook For CiviCRM, wherein a user would be able to file an email as case activity against CiviCase.



  1. New OutlookForCiviCRM setting added “prompt for case”. When enabled, civicase functionality becomes accessible to user.
  2. ...
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10 October, 2014
By pmoz

A little background.

Established in 1972, we are a non-profit human services organization that serves many diverse populations in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

A large part of our focus is on homeless services, but we also do some mental and physical health programming, early childhood development, community integration and host a large food pantry near the University of Pittsburgh campus. 

Because of our disparate clientele and locations, we have been using multiple Access databases to track participant information.  For many years we wanted to move it online so staff in people's homes, could enter updates from the field.  However, the cost to implement was prohibitive to say the least.

Our Drupal and CiviCRM experience

When we rebuilt our website using Drupal, I stumbled upon CiviCRM as an alternate to Constant Contact.  For two years, we have used Civi on the backend of our site to register for events, make online contributions and send out...

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14 April, 2014
By totten

CiviCase is a case-management system for tracking multistep interactions with constituents -- such as social support services, constituent services, and applications for employment. The CiviCase toolset enables organizations to provide a more consistent quality-of-service to their constituents by setting out a base timeline for the services to provide to each constituent. This is a powerful tool that can be adapted to a variety of organizations and requirements. Unfortunately, the initial configuration process for CiviCase currently requires some technical skill -- the site administrator must prepare an XML file, copy the file to server, test, and repeat until the XML file is just right. Thanks to the support of the National Democratic Institute, that's going to change -- we're going to make it easier for site administrators to setup CiviCase without requiring deep technical skills.


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14 February, 2014
By DaveD
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If you don't know about the email processor, briefly it's a way to file emails into CiviCRM as activities, and less briefly, see http://book.civicrm.org/user/current/advanced-configuration/email-system... (about half way down).

I've been doing some fiddling with drag and drop and, in particular for CiviCase, it would simplify the process of getting the emails into CiviCRM. It also removes the need, if you're using the IMAP method, for storing everyone's individual email passwords in the CiviCRM admin page settings. And it would work with attachments.

One possibly big drawback is it would only work in native email programs, like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. It will NOT work when viewing your email via webmail/browser, but I think there's a big enough pool of people and organizations who use native email programs that this could be worth it.

Currently for CiviCase...

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10 February, 2014
By totten
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(This post is a follow-up to previous discussions about developing recruitment functionality for CiviHR. More information can be found in the first, second, and third blog posts well as the requirements wiki.)

We've recently had some great discussions about translating CiviHR's businss requirements for recruitment into a design with specific visuals and data models. Three concepts have been central to the discusion:

  • Job Vacancies are openings for new employees (or interns, contractors, or other selective positions).
  • Job Applications are...
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