Make It Happen for CiviCase Configuration UI

2013-03-20 07:25
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We want to propose a Make It Happen for a CiviCase configuration UI (see forum post,25791.15.html).

The current road to setting up a new Case Type involves creating an XML file, setting up Activity Types and Relationship Types, and making sure they are all spelled correctly and consistently throughout the process. Although it works fine it is quite cumbersome. It would be nicer to have a User Interface to deal with it.

We are currently looking at what should be involved and we come up with the following list:

  1. create draft overall design - 4hrs
  2. create class for XML configuration - 16 hrs
  3. create UI Case Type - 4 hrs
  4. create UI Activity Types - 8 hrs
  5. create UI Relationship Types - 8 hrs
  6. create UI Activity Sets (timelines) - 16 hrs
  7. technical test and issue fixing - 8 hrs
  8. user test and issue fixing - 8 hrs
  9. wrapping up in extension and documentation - 8 hrs

So we would be looking at a max 10 day development job. Have I forgotten something, not thought of something obvious, under- or overestimated what needs to be done? We would certainly be interested in undertaking to get this done, are there any organizations or individuals out there who would like to have this? And be prepared to fund part of it?

Love to hear from you!



Later note on 25 March:

thank you for all your useful comments. I will update the blog post with the final estimate of the development on 26th March.



Okay, we think we can get this done for 20,000 euro. This is based on our earlier estimate, and all remarks about unit testing, web testing, support in future etc. Can this be promoted into a MIH?


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Did you think about including anything in their for documentation or for a reasonable amount of ongoing support over a reasonable initial period?  I think that is justified to add those costs in and makes MIH more sustainable.



dont see any hours allocated for unit and web tests and not sure if its part of each sub-task hours. I would definitely add this. Also any future additions to core will require a fairly substantial body of tests attached to it.

Also, any thoughts on exposing some of the stuff via an API?

Good one about the unit and web tests. I had thought of generic testing but not specifically about unit test and web test. Will add those.

And yes, I thought we will use and expand the API. So there will be an API for ActivityType, RelationshipType, CaseType and possibly ActivitySet. Not sure yet about the latter, that will be a little more involved.

I will update the estimate.

Would be good to have a UI, few questions :

What would the approximate total be?

How long after reaching the total would the work be completed? 

Hi Owen,

I will update the blog with the total amount tomorrow (my time, which is CET). I would expect to schedule the development as about 75% of the total is reached, and confirm the schedule when we are at 100%. So ideally the work would be completed 1-2 months after the total has been reached.

Anonymous (not verified)
2013-03-21 - 11:43

Not having a proper CiviCase Configuration UI is a major gating factor in making CiviCRM a proper sign-up-and-go SaaS solution.  I would love to see a full SaaS offering for CiviCRM, to compare with Salesforce.

I support this MIH!

Mark - has been offering CiviCRM SaaS solutions (including CiviCase) for a while now. As well as other CiviCRM shops listed with us on the  "Find an Expert" list.


There were some useful comments to this post that might be relevant here:

Anonymous (not verified)
2013-03-26 - 07:25


Is the MIH established yet?

If I wanted to contribute to it, what link should I follow please?



Hi Mark,


not sure how the 'establish an MIH' process works, will have to touch base with lobo when I am back from the developer training in Gent :-)

For those of you wondering how an MIH is established, check

I will add a child page to the wiki for the CiviCase UI integration....Would be great if you will all add your funding, I will add mine :-)

Hi Erik,

Just wondering what the final estimate was in terms of number of days. Also, if you are unable to reach 20k Euros, are there chunks that you would be able do in a Phase I?