20 March, 2013
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We want to propose a Make It Happen for a CiviCase configuration UI (see forum post http://forum.civicrm.org/index.php/topic,25791.15.html).

The current road to setting up a new Case Type involves creating an XML file, setting up Activity Types and Relationship Types, and making sure they are all spelled correctly and consistently throughout the process. Although it works fine it is quite cumbersome. It would be nicer to have a User Interface to deal with it.

We are currently looking at what should be involved and we come up with the following list:

  1. create draft overall design - 4hrs
  2. create class for XML configuration - 16 hrs
  3. create UI Case Type - 4 hrs
  4. create UI Activity Types - 8 hrs
  5. create UI Relationship Types - 8 hrs
  6. create UI Activity Sets (timelines) - 16 hrs
  7. technical test and issue fixing - 8 hrs
  8. ...
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20 November, 2012

Just created a quick ERD for CiviCase, and shared it on this page http://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRMDOC42/CiviCRM+ERD+3.3.

It is version 3.3, so not the latest and greatest. But I am sure I will have to check the same ERD for version 4 at a near point in the future and update the ERD too. And I do not think there are major differences in the data model......

I have also attached the ERD to this blog post.

11 February, 2012
By xavier


So as every consultant, there is a bit of new projects, maintenance, stuff you do for free for the community, new ideas, meetings, pre-sales, funky developments & the dreaded admin part (invoicing/timesheet).


As any consultants, we are trying to get an overview on what are the issues, where we spend the time, who's involved and what has to be invoiced. For what I've seen for the past 20 years, the choice seems to be between separate tools that work well but don't talk to each other and one big ERP that tries to do everything but does it badly and that no one uses without cursing.


As all our contacts are in civi and that it also can track activities, was wondering if some of you are already using it as part of that combination and hopefully not turned it into a clunky 'ERP'?


We have started with Andreas, Tamsin, Julian & Cristel with some civi/drupal tools and Civi, but are in the...

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16 October, 2011
I've just released the stable 2.0 version of the Drupal Webform CiviCRM Integration module and wanted to share some of the cool new things you can do with it. Version 1, which I wrote earlier this year, was basically built for a single purpose: you could have a user fill out a webform, and their contact record (name, address, email, etc.) would be created/updated and an activity of the form submission would be logged. That alone is pretty darn useful, but suggestions from users, the advent of API v3, and a commission from the core team got me setting sights higher for the next release.

New Features in Version 2

  • Handling multiple contacts and contact types

    Instead of processing a single contact per form submission, you can now have as many contacts on the form as you like, and they don't all have to be individuals. A simple use for this would be to allow a person to fill out their own...
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06 September, 2011
By xavier


Two weeks already since civicon, the dust has settled and Amy Dobbs and the team at skillmatters have filmed and uploaded the sessions.

  • For those that have attended CiviCon london and ended up the day desperate about all the nice sessions they missed, you'll be pleased to know that you can see them online.
  • For those that missed CiviCon london, well, really, you should have been there, we missed you and we hope you'll be able to attend the next one.
  • For the speakers, could you post a comment with a link to your slides? I'll update this article.

Anyway, the videos are online too, a couple needs some setting changes to be viewed, stay tuned and come back soon.


welcome to civicon state of the project & keynote

By Kurund Jalmi,...

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02 September, 2011
By Dave D
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One of the items we didn't get to at the code sprint was a quicksearch by id that bypasses search results pages and takes you directly to the page in question, e.g. a case id or a contribution/invoice id.

I ended up just coding a drupal block that was client-specific that just searches for case id but that some people might find useful. You can find it at http://svn.civicrm.org/php/trunk/drupal/modules/physicianhealthbc/physic... and just look at the last 4 functions in that file.

Optionally you can also add in some CSS to make the block look/fit better:

#block-physicianhealthbc-0 div#edit-caseid-wrapper {

28 August, 2011
By Dave D
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On a system with roughly 25,000 activities, running on a dedicated server, the case dashboard would take over a minute to load. Other orgs have reported similar problems, and in at least two cases the consultants simply removed the upcoming/recent sections from the dashboard since it was just too slow.

Taking for example the upcoming section, on the server above the query would take about 26 seconds. With some optimization, it now takes less than 1 second.

In this query the issue is that we are trying to display some information from a specific activity (the next scheduled activity within 14 days) inline with case data, and you need to remove possible alternate possibilities from the results. Removing the duplicates means re-joining back onto the activity table. You also have to re-join a third time in order to get additional fields from the activity record, since if you try to do this at the same time as using group by, you potentially get fields returned from...

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26 August, 2011
By Dave D
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We had a good discussion that came up because we were discussing a change being made to lower the barriers that currently exist for evaluators of CiviCase. We thought it would be good to write down some things:

  • Regardless of where the data is stored, everybody wants a way to edit it through the admin pages.
  • Files are useful because existing tools can be used to handle revisions, more easily manage staging and production differences, multiple items can be edited quickly, and configuration settings can easily be shared.
  • Files can be a problem because you don't always have write access on the server, although this can be managed.


In terms of where we are now and where we could realistically get to by the end of the sprint, the options were:

  • Remove the duplicated info that's in the database (case types, activity types, etc) and have the files be the sole source of configuration.
  • Something...
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09 August, 2011
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Given that there's an upcoming code sprint in the UK where rumor has it there will be some work done to improve CiviCase, I thought I would put my wishlist out there and get the community's response.  I'm a pretty frequent and detailed user of CiviCase, and although the majority of our actual service delivery is interactive, either on the phone or in person, we send and receive a lot of email correspondence, some of which ends up being relevant to one or more cases.  So one category of improvements I'd like to see involve the email processor and its functions.


I wish the email processor would:

  • allow me to select multiple activities at once to be filed on a case (perhaps with a checkbox interface similar to what appears in a contact search);
  • allow me to delete activities that have been attached automatically to a contact, sometimes by mistake;
  • allow me to see a reference in a user's activity stream after...
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07 June, 2011

I have been leveraging the CiviCase component of CiviCRM to help a crisis response organization transition to a paperless process.  I was originally tasked with "fixing" a Microsoft implementation of a custom web application written in VBScript and MS SQL Server but after fighting with the former developers horrible code I finally decided to migrate the system over to an open source LAMP implementation leveraging J! 1.5 and CiviCRM 3.1.


My client is a leading provider of crisis psychiatric care and system management services to public and private entities.  In addition they are a non-profit that manages mental health outreach and psychiatric recovery services (www.thesantegroup.org).    Some of the services they provide include:


- Crisis Response Services

- Hotline telephone support for individuals and family members in crisis, mental...

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