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Coding has been completed for the phase 1 features of CiviCase - our new case management component, and we're deep into a quality assurance cycle as I type this. (If you haven't been following the evolution of this project, you can check out earlier posts here.) One of the cool things about CiviCase is that it allows organizations to configure workflows for the different types of cases they handle. We're implementing these work-flows for "physicians' health" cases in collaboration with our sponsor for the project - Physician Health Program of British Columbia. I'd also like to include sample configurations for several other case management settings when we release CiviCase as part of v2.2. For example, workflows for organizations who provide housing assistance, or family services or .... In order to accomplish this (in more than a half-***** way) - I'd like to hook up with folks who have some experience in one or more of these areas. If you work with an organization that could use a tool like CiviCase to help with their work - and is up for acting as a beta site - that would be even better. If you have questions about whether CiviCase is a "good fit" your organization - please post them to the CiviCase forum board with as much detail as possible about your requirements. If you can help out with constructing sample configurations, please ping me at dave at civicrm dot org.
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hi dave - i will be evaluating civicase with a number of users in mind, including politicians, and refugee support organisation.
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Hi Dave,

We are a small organisation providing - among other things - social and youth work services, and we are looking for just this sort of tool. I have set up civi-crm stand-alone already to see how it works and to demonstrate it - response has been enthusiastic even to the non-case version with it's very basic case feature.

I will check with other staff to see how they feel about beta-testing (I assume this would be attempting to use the module in a typical useage, and providing feedback, suggestions, reporting bugs? We couldn't do much of anything techy).

Yes - "use the module in typical usage". Prior to that we'd need you to think about the common "types of cases" you work with and the expected set of activities (tasks) associated with each type of case. Then we can help you create a CiviCase configuration set to handle these workflows.

Will anyone involved with CiviCase be attending the 2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference April 26-28 in San Francisco? If not, are there any other opportunities to get a hands-on look at the products functionality? Also, are you still on track for a 1/09 implmentation with PHP?

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We will have a presence in and around NTEN. We hope to have a user and developer conference around that time. We are fairly close to the v2.2 schedule as posted here: We might slip by a week or two (at the most)

You can always get a look and play with the product on our sandbox server ( Once we have a final release, the demo server ( will be updated to include the new version. If you/your org are interested in using CiviCase, we'd be happy to skype with you and get more details and figure out the missing pieces etc