Improvements to inbound emails to Cases in 4.7.30

2018-02-08 20:00
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MEAA are a union organisation in Australia with a very wide brief including both union activism and membership drives, as well as legal services to its members.

They use Cases extensively and we were keen to deliver some improvements to 'inbound email' so that they could include the case id in the subject, and have the email added to the relevant case.

The 4.7.30 release has seen our additions for using case id added to core. Prior to our patch it was only possible to add Inbound Emails by using the the case hash value - which was hard/impossible to figure from the UI. The improvement means that an email where the subject includes "[case #1234]" will add the email as an Activity to Case 1234 - woohoo!


The core functionality of Inbound mail creating activities is documented here.

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This is great news Peter - something we were planning to do later in the year but you've ticked it off for us! Awesome.