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Noviembre 23, 2021
By KarinGFiled under

Imagine you have a ‘contact us’ or 'sign-up for our newsletter' or 'register for our next event' form on your website. How much time would you save if each webform submission would be automatically recorded in your CiviCRM database? What if you could automatically dispatch emails, renew memberships, add contact tags, etc. as that data is being saved? Full website CiviCRM integration provides organizations with an opportunity to optimize their workflows and significant time savings.

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Noviembre 19, 2021
By wmortada Filed under Hosting, Meetups, Tips

This month at CiviCRM North East, Rich Lott of Artful Robot spoke about how to improve email deliverability and avoid your mailings being marked as spam.

As we discovered, it is quite a complex topic but Rich did a great job of explaining the technicalities.

Rich answered questions such as:

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Noviembre 14, 2021
By KarinGFiled under

Webform CiviCRM module 6.0.0 was released on October 11, 2021 a few weeks before Drupal 8 went EOL. This first official full Drupal 9 release 🎉 is featuring many more additions to automated (Functional Javascript) testing: Tests: 46, Assertions: 1124 ✅

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Noviembre 12, 2021
By BettyDolfingFiled under
CiviCRM Webinar - NL/BE op 22 November 2021

On Monday November 22nd we have planned a CiviCRM Webinar for current users and interested parties. The rest of this blog will be in Dutch, since the meetup / webinar is aimed at organisations in Belgium/Flanders and The Netherlands.

For English speaking users: we will plan another webinar in January 2022.

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Noviembre 11, 2021
By agileware_justinfreemanFiled under

Do you manage memberships for your organisation? If so, there's good chance you have been asked to generate a report for your membership data to find out:

"How many members did we have at 1 January 2021?"

"How many times has this specific member renewed?"

And probably even more toe curling questions that are quite challenging or seem impossible to solve

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Noviembre 4, 2021
By dev-team Filed under Release announcements

CiviCRM version 5.43.0 is now out and ready to download. This is a regular monthly release.

Upgrade now for the most stable CiviCRM experience:

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Noviembre 2, 2021
By BettyDolfingFiled under
Learn to build a website integration yourself with Wordpress and CiviCRM

Training information:Duration: 3,5 hrsCMS: Wordpress with CiviCRMLanguage: EnglishDate: 29 November 2021Time: 9-12.30 CET (GMT +1)Cost: €150,00 (excl. VAT)Max nr. of participants: 5

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Octubre 30, 2021
By awestbhaFiled under

Over the last year the Core Team have been working hard on Search Kit - a new way of searching and reporting on data in CiviCRM.

Although still in beta, Search Kit is already a very powerful tool. It’s also fast, which makes it particularly pleasing to use. It’s a quietly revolutionary feature.

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Octubre 26, 2021
By noahFiled under

Recently, CiviCRM user 9to5 decided they wanted to take advantage of some of the features that Action Network provides, including tools that make it easy for constituents in the USA to contact their elected representatives.

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