02 March, 2016
By katetak
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Skvare organized CiviDay in Dallas again this year. There were 12 attendees of varying backgrounds, from new users or those considering a CRM to experienced CiviCRM developers. Thanks to Improving for providing the meeting space!

Mark Hanna shared a general overview of CiviCRM with the group, and Allen Shaw presented information on an extension that provides an auto-complete lookup field for Employer/Employee contact relationships.


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29 February, 2016
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For the fourth year in a row, Denver has had a growing and thriving CiviDay co-organized by Cividesk and Teaming 4 Technology. We welcomed nearly 45 attendees for an all-day event in the beautiful venue at the Mile High United Way.

The day began with an informative presentation about the Vision and Ecosystem of CiviCRM presented by Cividesk. Then the participants split up in three different tracks with one track for new users or users evaluating CiviCRM, one track for current users and a technology track for more  technical users.

Both Cividesk and Upleaf presented sessions in the morning. Then after lunch we continued full speed ahead in the afternoon with 2 different training...

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29 February, 2016
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Cividesk was happy to host another CiviDay in Paris, France with the collaboration of Talcod, an open source web agency dedicated to non-profit organizations.

We had about 20 participants, half of them totally new to CiviCRM, who came to discover more about the open source software. Other participants were either already involved in CiviCRM projects, current end-users or preparing to begin using CiviCRM.

Talcod presented a case study from a customer in the health sector who uses CiviCRM for managing Memberships and Events.

We answered a lot of questions from participants and enjoyed good conversation and networking during a more casual setting with refreshments at the end of the session.

Feel free to contact Valérie at ...

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26 February, 2016
By BjoernE
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For the second time around, CiviDay was celebrated Cologne. Most of the twelve attendants were interested newbies and folks looking for a suitable CRM for their organisation.


The "hot topics" of the evening were:

  • CiviCRM introduction and feature overview
  • First steps and implementation pitfalls
  • Hosting solutions
  • Challanges and advantages of open source software
  • Security aspects
  • ...and, of course, the CiviCRM community!

Björn and Thomas of SYSTOPIA were trying not to leave any question unanswered, and...

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25 February, 2016
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CiviDay NYC was hosted by the National Urban League and Tadpole Collective. We came together for an afternoon of working and learning together, followed by presentations in the evening.

Everyone who attended appreciated the opportunity to be in a room with other community members to talk through issues and hear about the work that others are doing. We had a good mix of developers and administrative end-users that ensured everyone had someone to bounce their ideas off of.

Topics of discussion included:

  • Aligning CiviCRM contacts with CMS/website users
  • Pros and cons of different payment systems
  • Working with complex hosting situations like proxies, CDNs and load balancers
  • Working with CiviCSS
  • ACL Hooks


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25 February, 2016
By Detlev
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Mit so einem großen Andrang haben wir nicht gerechnet: Bei 15 Teilnehmer.innen aus 10 verschiedenen Organisationen mussten wir sogar noch Stühle aus dem Nachbarraum dazuholen!

Beim ersten CiviCRM-Treffen in Sachsen war die Resonanz deutlich größer als erwartet: Es kamen nicht nur Nutzerinnen und Nutzer, die wir schon kannten - sondern auch solche, von denen wir gar nicht wussten, dass sie CiviCRM einsetzen. Und dazu eine Reihe von CiviCRM-Interessierten, die die Gelegenheit zum Kennenlernen genutzt haben.

Zum Einstieg gab es einen Überblick zur aktuellen Situation anhand einer Präsentation von CiviCRM Community Manager Michael McAndrew....

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25 February, 2016
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We had a awesome CiviDay 2016 in Amersfoort yesterday! A record 40 participants made me happy before the day even started :-) The Socialist Party was our host for the day, and they had prepared a morning session where they shared their experiences with CiviCRM, showed what they did and explained what they want to do in the future. A really impressive and inspiring session with the underlying message: there is so much to gain if you start using open source software, become part of a community and feel you can actually have an impact on your toolset!

After lunch we had a CiviCRM introduction session for newcomers and a bunch of interesting sessions on CiviSepa, CiviRules, Drupal Webforms and Views and PUM Senior Experts...

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24 February, 2016
By Parvez
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Well, ok, not quite but I’m hoping that anyone who’s used CiviMail and message templates in anger will relate to the need for change and how CiviMail can become an asset rather than the elephant in the room.

So let’s start at the beginning, Beatrice donates time to ACME Incorporated Chairty Arm also known as “Cheese For All”. She’s a marketing person and would really like to start putting together some engaging email content for Cheese For All, who made the right decision with both Beatrice and CiviCRM. She’s used Mailchimp in the past and has an expectation of what a mailing tool should allow her to do, so she walks in on Monday morning, ready to make a difference to Cheese for All, armed with her hot breakfast and a chocolate bar for the tough times. She quickly gets to grips with groups, the concept of mailing and gets stuck in, encouraged by the word “template” that's thrown around in CiviCRM. After digging around for 30 minutes, she soon realises that a...

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18 January, 2016
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Here's a quick run down of major CiviCRM events for your calendar for 2016.

  • CiviDay - locations around the world - February 24th
  • CiviCon North West Europe - 26th May
  • CiviCon Colorado
    • The main event - 2nd and 3rd June
    • Trainings for users, administrators and developers - 31st May and 1st June
    • The sprint (your chance to contribute to CiviCRM in person) - 4th to 8th June
  • CiviCon London
    • The main event - 6th and 7th October
    • Trainings for users, administrators and developers - 4th and 5th October
    • The sprint (your chance to contribute to CiviCRM in person) - 8th to 13th October
  • CiviCRM user summit DC - September 22nd and 23rd

Normally our events page is your best bet for the most up to date list of CivICRM events but since some of these events are not yet in...

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17 February, 2015
By josh
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For the past 2 years, the last Wednesday of each January has been earmarked for CiviDay, a worldwide effort to come together and promote all things CiviCRM. This year, CiviDay witnessed 26 events, from virtual meetups to all day affairs, across 13 countries, bringing together newbies and veterans alike to share stories and to learn about CiviCRM and what it can do for organizations everywhere.

CiviDay events in San Francisco and Denver were kicked off with presentations by core team members Dave Greenberg, Tim Otten and Josh Gowans, providing a top level view of CiviCRM, its 10 year history and its funding model as an open source project. CiviDay is more than just in introduction to CiviRM, however. Presentations ranged from complex...

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