CiviDay NYC 2016 - The recap

2016-02-25 13:08
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CiviDay NYC was hosted by the National Urban League and Tadpole Collective. We came together for an afternoon of working and learning together, followed by presentations in the evening.

Everyone who attended appreciated the opportunity to be in a room with other community members to talk through issues and hear about the work that others are doing. We had a good mix of developers and administrative end-users that ensured everyone had someone to bounce their ideas off of.

Topics of discussion included:

  • Aligning CiviCRM contacts with CMS/website users
  • Pros and cons of different payment systems
  • Working with complex hosting situations like proxies, CDNs and load balancers
  • Working with CiviCSS
  • ACL Hooks

Everyone liked it so much we are planning on having these work days a few times a year.

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Hey Dana,

Thanks so much to Tadpole and NUL for organizing the day and to NUL for the space and refreshments. I got a lot out of it and am looking forward to more meetups.

Keep doing them often - one day I'll make it to one!

The National Urban League was happy to host the event, and we look forward to getting together on a quarterly basis for meetups. It really is a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and build the community.