North of England UK CiviDay 2014

2014-02-03 01:13
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The North of England CiviDay Meetup, held in Manchester, went well with 14 people in attendance. These were mostly regulars but there were 2 people attending who are new to CiviCRM and wanted to learn all about it. This was also a special meeting where we showcased the latest amazing CiviCRM extensions. The extensions covered were;

Oliver Gibson - CiviVolunteer

Heather Oliver - CiviBooking

Jon-man Cheung - CiviHR

It was also decided that the quarterly meeting location should be rotated between Manchester and Leeds from now on. We are now working hard to find a suitable location in Leeds City Centre for the April 2014 meeting. As always big thanks to NetSquared and The Madlab for hosting the meeting.

Oliver Gibson

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