CiviCon London 2015 - 2 weeks to go

CiviCon London is packed with sessions to help you learn about CiviCRM, and is the best place to meet and network with other CiviCRM users and providers. The conference is designed for new and existing users and also for those considering using CiviCRM. You don't have to be a techie to attend.
Have a look at our full session line up for users:

CiviCRM Residential Sprint Edale, Derbyshire, UK - 10th/18th October 2015


There will be a CiviCRM sprint in the beautiful Edale, Derbyshire, UK - 10th/18th October 2015, and you can register here.
The sprint starts the day after the amazing CiviCon London 2015

The idea is to have as many community members present so we can achieve lots and have a great time!
Accomodation will be provided and Craig, our resident chef, will be cooking some amazing food.

4.5 Update for the CiviCRM Course for Trainer use

The course resources for trainers on the Wiki have now been updated for CiviCRM 4.5.
This has been done as part of the Edale sprint taking place in the UK.
The courses can be found on the CiviCRM Wiki -
The course is based on a modular format with 14 individual sessions and each session contains both trainer notes and exercises for the learners.

North of England UK CiviDay 2014

The North of England CiviDay Meetup, held in Manchester, went well with 14 people in attendance. These were mostly regulars but there were 2 people attending who are new to CiviCRM and wanted to learn all about it. This was also a special meeting where we showcased the latest amazing CiviCRM extensions. The extensions covered were;

Oliver Gibson - CiviVolunteer

Heather Oliver - CiviBooking

Jon-man Cheung - CiviHR