CiviCRM Residential Sprint Edale, Derbyshire, UK - 10th/18th October 2015

2015-08-19 01:16
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There will be a CiviCRM sprint in the beautiful Edale, Derbyshire, UK - 10th/18th October 2015, and you can register here.
The sprint starts the day after the amazing CiviCon London 2015

The idea is to have as many community members present so we can achieve lots and have a great time!
Accomodation will be provided and Craig, our resident chef, will be cooking some amazing food.

There are no hard and fast requirements for attending a sprint, apart from a desire to work on improving CiviCRM in some way and the time to do it. The idea is that we can work on improving CiviCRM and increase your skills and knowledge at the same time. Having skills in specific areas like coding, documentation, writing tests, etc. is great but not a requirement. 

Once you are registered we'll get in touch before the sprint to ask about the topics you'd like to cover.
Examples of work that we've done previously at sprints include:

  • improving usability of current features
  • documenting new and upcoming features
  • getting your code improvements generalised and incorporated into CivICRM
  • improving test coverage
  • improving CiviCRM marketing
  • squashing bugs
  • discussing, improving and finalising requirements for up and coming features

For more information, including travel arrangements and costs, see the Sprint page on the CiviCon London 2015 conference website.

Please get in touch if you have any questions ( 

See you at the sprint!
Oliver Gibson






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