27 March, 2019

Don't forget your sunscreen! The Global Community Summit is coming to Barcelona on October: Register Now!

The site for the upcoming Global Community Summit in Barcelona is published. We are also collecting issues, comments, ideas, requests in the GitLab. If you consider yourself part of the community you should definitely register as soon as possible (we expect to have a full house).


  • Global Community Summit: October 4 & 5
  • Sprint /  DevCamp: October October 6 - 10
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Venue: Can Ramonet, Sitges
  • Website: ...
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19 February, 2018


This year we will have two CiviCamps in the UK to choose from!

  • May 15th in London

  • October 5th in Manchester

CiviCamps are one day events covering everything related to CiviCRM. They are a great opportunity to learn about CiviCRM and what it can do for your organization, meet other CiviCRM users, partners and Core Team members and gather their feedback, learn advanced strategies for managing your online database, ask any questions you might have, share tips and build connections! This is the opportunity to meet the CiviCRM community and share experiences and knowledge with other organizations using CiviCRM!

In addition, we will have a Sprint for those who are interested in contributing further, and a choice of Administrator and Developer Training for those who want to expand their knowledge:

  • UK Sprint: October 6th to 12th

  • Administrator Training: 3rd and 4th October

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11 December, 2017
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Following the success of CiviCon UK 2017, a number of the sessions from the day have now been made available on the CiviCRM YouTube channel.


With almost 150 attendees, this year’s conference to took place in London, on 6th October and featured a great range of knowledgeable speakers who travelled from all over and came together to share their expertise with the CiviCRM and open source community. 


For those who were not able to attend, the YouTube channel is a great way to still see some of the brilliant topics discussed at CiviCon UK 2017, including case studies from CiviCoop’s Erik Hommel on the...

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23 November, 2017
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Australia's first ever CiviCRM conference was a success!

With over 60 people registered for the conference, CiviCRM's first ever conference in Australia, CiviCon Canberra 2017 has been a huge success!

Sessions recorded and on YouTube

If you could not make it to the conference, then no worries! All the conference sessions can now be viewed on the CiviCRM YouTube channel. This includes the keynote session by Caroline Le Couteur, MLA of the ACT Greens.

Andrew Smith from studiosolutions.com.au volunteered to record all the sessions, edit and upload to YouTube. Andrew flew down from Brisbane to Canberra on the day, amazing! Thanks Andrew!

Thank you for your support!


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18 October, 2017
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In conjunction with the first ever CiviCon happening in Canberra on Monday 23rd October. There will be a developer day on the Sunday prior to that day. There will also be an opportunity for international developers to join in through a Go To Meeting hangout. The developer day will be held at the Agileware office. 4/55-57 Lathlain Street, Belconnen, ACT 2617. The Day will start at 9am. Anyone interested should get in touch with Justin Freeman from Agileware. This will be a chance to meet fellow CiviCRM developers and share issues and concerns. 

08 October, 2017
By AnneDru
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London 2017 was my first time at a CiviCon event so not sure what to expect, but I have been to many business conferences over the years.  So, what was so different about this one?  Essentially, nothing; held in a major city i.e. London, in a conference centre, a welcome desk with a goody bag and a programme, introduction, sessions – you get the picture!

It’s hard to put your finger on why it was different - better - but I am sure it has to do with the ethos of CiviCRM and why the organisers and attendees were there; a shared vision and a unified purpose.

What exactly was different?  Well, as soon as I walked into the main conference room, I felt I was amongst friends, like-minded people. Yet apart from a couple of emails on signing up, I didn’t know anyone there (those emails, by the way, also made me feel that the organisers really wanted me to get as much as I could from the experience and it was not just about them). ...

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03 October, 2017
By petednz
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Countdown to CiviCon Canberra, the first CiviCon in the southern hemisphere, is ticking along nicely. Less that 20 sleeps to go.

Very excited to get the sessions nailed down. You can view the list of topics and speakers here.

Keynote speaker will be Caroline Le Couteur, MLA, ACT Greens Member for Murrumbidgee (which means she is an MP for those who don't speak 'strine').

In addition, with a couple of presenters freshly returned from CiviCon UK, I expect we will be hearing all the latest news from the dark side of the planet.

If you haven't already booked, just head over here and register.

Hope to see you there.

29 September, 2017
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We are very excited for this year’s CiviCon UK which promises to be bigger and better than ever!

The full timetable is now available to view here.



We're excited to be hosting this year’s party at a very cool bar pub in Camden called Miusan. We will be heading there from 5:00pm and the bar is about a 5 min walk from the conference.

Wristbands will be handed out for complimentary drinks.

Raffle competition

Enter the CiviCON raffle for a chance to win a Google Chrome Cast!

Tickets are £2 and will be donated to one of the charities present on the day. Every charity represented will be automatically entered into this draw.

Don’t forget to bring some change...

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22 September, 2017
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We are very excited for this year’s CiviCon UK which promises to be bigger and better than ever! We have:

  • Inspiring sessions lead by expert speakers 
  • Lightning talks and roundtable discussions
  • Raffles and prizes
  • Social and networking opportunities throughout the days, with a party on the Thursday night.
  • It’s not too late to register, book your place here

Civi party

We're excited to be hosting this year’s party at a trendy bar in Camden called Miusan - a venue devoted to drinking & Pan-Asian dining, modeled on the opulent 1940’s opium dens of New York and Paris

We will be heading there from 5:00pm and the bar is about a 5 min walk from the conference on 16 Inverness Street, London, NW1 7HJ

Wristbands will be handed out for complimentary drinks.

Raffle competition

Enter the CiviCON raffle for a chance to win one of 2 Chrome...

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15 September, 2017
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A big thank you to all our CiviCON UK Sponsors. Here's a special post from Gold Sponsor Yoti:

Doing things differently: Registrations in seconds, logins without passwords and minimising data.

Over the last 15 years I’ve probably been responsible for around 50 or so websites or microsites that in some way or another have tried to gather people’s data.  Either to enter into an event, join a forum or buy something.  And like most other marketeers I’ve been obsessed by two things.  Funnels and Data. i.e how easily are people signing up and how much do I now know about my customers.  I’ve always known that by asking people for more information there was a danger people would drop out of my acquisition funnel but we marketeers are hungry for data. We want it all and we want it now.

I’ve now come to realise that less is more.  I still want the customers, and loads of them, but I want them to join me on their terms. If I ask people less about themselves I’m more...

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