24 March, 2016
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We are really excited about CiviCon happening on June 2nd and 3rd 2016 at the Colorado State University. It is a great opportunity to attend a world-class conference where you will meet and learn from the people in the CiviCRM community and other CiviCRM users.

Attending CiviCon is an excellent way to learn more about - and contribute to - CiviCRM, and meet our growing community. It is an equally enriching experience whether you are simply evaluating CiviCRM, a new user, and implementor, a consultant or developer. Come join us to learn, enrich your knowledge and stay informed about the latest and greatest.

And this year, we're going to pamper...

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14 March, 2016
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The sessions committee is working on developing the program for CiviCon Colorado 2016 and are receiving session topics through Friday March 18. The approach to the session tracks will be different than in previous years.

The sessions will be divided into two categories. One track will be focused on the CiviCRM product and will be divided into two segments: Beginner/User & Advanced/Implementer. The other track will be focused on the CiviCRM community.

  • The Product Track will be on focused, concise topics related to the use, administration and implementation of CiviCRM and related CMS.

  • The Community Track will heavily involve members, partners and core team members leading and participating in discussions such as Moving the Community Forward, Bringing Together and Growing the Community, Funding, Marketing, What Do We...

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08 March, 2016
By seank

At our wonderfully well-attended and interesting CiviDay Bristol (here and here), somehow I managed to become co-opted as the chief co-ordinator for CiviCON London 2016 - 6th-7th October - and I'm reliably informed that organising for this event starts now, or earlier even.

The first thing for me to to do is to find out all the stuff I don't know, things like like who is going to help me, what resources exist from previous conferences and what the budgets are likely to be. Michael's budget summary for Colorado 2015 is particularly interesting https://civicrm.org/blogs/michael-mcandrew/civicon-denver-2015-financials but would be much more useful if the exchange rates weren't so volatile!

I'll also be...

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06 March, 2016
By josh
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As a project and as software for nonprofits, CiviCRM benefits from events in that they not only raise funds for the Core Team, they raise awareness about this incredible open source CRM and they foster the community participation needed to drive it. We’re excited to see that the first two CiviCon’s in 2016 are coming online, both slated for May/June time frame, though on opposite sides of the world; Ft. Collins, Colorado in the United States and Woerden, Netherlands.

Though there’s a huge distance between them, we’ve tried to align these and all future CiviCRM events such that they can support the operational objectives of the Core Team, specifically to raise funds and to grow the CiviCRM ecosystem. We took a step in this direction late last year when we began to better establish guidelines for CiviCRM events, and now with the recent re-formation of the...

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04 March, 2016
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Last year saw the first CiviCon North West Europe, and this year there will be a sequence! The date is 26 May and the event will take place in Woerden, The Netherlands.

CiviCon North West Europe is THE place to:

  • meet the CiviCRM community
  • learn about CiviCRM, what it can do, what other do with it
  • share your experience and learn from others
  • be part of the CiviCRM ecosystem!

The website is https://nweurope2016.civicrm.org/ . You can register as a sponsor and we expect to enable submission of sessions and registrations shortly. A special thanks to our first Gold Sponsor CiviCooP who help to make this CiviCon NorthWest Europe happen!

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28 January, 2016
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My name is Lisa Taliano and I’m a Senior IT Manager for the National Urban League, one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the US, founded in 1910.

It is dedicated to empowering African Americans and other underserved urban communities to secure economic self-reliance, equality, power and justice by providing human services in education, employment, housing, and healthcare.  NUL operates 25 national programs through their local affiliates network, re-granting 25 million dollars annually to 95 affiliates in 36 states across the country. 

I was hired by NUL 3 years ago to help them develop an online program management system. When I came on board, they were running their programs (tracking eligibility, enrollment, activities, and outcomes data) using a huge array of paper forms and excel spreadsheets. After reviewing the different program and...

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23 January, 2016

En el marco de CiviCon Madrid 2015 tuve la oportunidad de poder compartir la experiencia de algunos de los proyectos en los que estoy participando. A continuación intento resumir algunas ideas de la presentación.

El sector social de los Jesuitas en España centra sus líneas de actuación en:

  • el apoyo socieducativo a menores, adolescentes y jóvenes en riesgo social y actividades educativas en tiempo libre;
  • la atención social, psicológica y asesoría jurídica a población vulnerable;
  • la formación laboral a población vulnerable y en proceso de búsqueda de trabajo;
  • la acogida sociolingüística a población inmigrante;
  • al acompañamiento a personas internas en Centros de Internamiento de Extranjeros;
  • bancos de alimentos;
  • y a la reflexión social.

5 de las entidades del sector social de los Jesuitas en Catalunya han...

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18 January, 2016
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Here's a quick run down of major CiviCRM events for your calendar for 2016.

  • CiviDay - locations around the world - February 24th
  • CiviCon North West Europe - 26th May
  • CiviCon Colorado
    • The main event - 2nd and 3rd June
    • Trainings for users, administrators and developers - 31st May and 1st June
    • The sprint (your chance to contribute to CiviCRM in person) - 4th to 8th June
  • CiviCon London
    • The main event - 6th and 7th October
    • Trainings for users, administrators and developers - 4th and 5th October
    • The sprint (your chance to contribute to CiviCRM in person) - 8th to 13th October
  • CiviCRM user summit DC - September 22nd and 23rd

Normally our events page is your best bet for the most up to date list of CivICRM events but since some of these events are not yet in...

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15 January, 2016
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Hello! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Angela Bruns and I will be Conference Coordinator for the North American CiviCon 2016 in Fort Collins, CO.  My background is in event planning and volunteer management within Colorado nonprofit organizations and I am excited to be a part of this conference. 

The conference will be held on the Colorado State University campus and is scheduled for May 31 – June 8, 2016.  Trainings will happen May 31 & June 1, the Conference will take place June 2 & 3, and the Sprint will follow on June 4 – 8. Please see the save the date blogpost for some additional information on the event.

We want to make this conference the best it can be this year and are looking for some great volunteers to serve on our conference committees.  If you would like to be a part of planning the 2016 CiviCon, please email me at...

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13 January, 2016
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The session videos from CiviCon London 2015 are now available as YouTube playlists on the CiviCRM YouTube Channel.

CiviCon London 2015 Day 1 Sessions Playlist

CiviCon London 2015 Day 2 Sessions Playlist

CiviCON London 2015 Lightning Talks Playlist

A big thanks to all our amazing presenters who helped make it such a fantastic conference. 
And to Silvertip Films for the filming and editing.