Monday, March 7, 2011 - 23:05
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This was my first CiviCon.  I missed the chance last year.  It was great to meet all the people I have chatted with on the forums and IRC over the last couple of years -- finally.  I was gratified to be part of the sessions here.  I presented a UI Customization session with Jim from Rooty Hollow; I shared a couple of case studies along with Gregory from CivicActions.  Chatting with Lobo, Dave G, Kurund, Ninjitsu Matt and Deepak was fun and interesting.


During CiviCon I reflected both privately and publically about my first introduction to CiviCRM in '08.   I've gone from a 'noob in the forums asking dumb questions to someone who knows a little about a lot - but who still knows I have a lot more to know.  My personal story about the open-source CiviCRM community is a story of cautious enthusiasm, warm welcomes, giving back, and eventual understanding.  I took a leap of faith but it turned out well for me.  I encourage others to try the same approach.


It was impressive the level of interest from all the people who attended.  The questions I received after my session showed a great deal of understanding and technical skill from relatively new members.  I hope to see everyone again next year.  Thanks!




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yay Stoob - you got out the first review. I think a few of us who would have liked to have been there have been keen to hear how it went so thanks!

thanks!  I know we had a full house, although the exact attendance numbers I am not sure of.  A lot of people wondered why it was only half-day, not a full day, and were asking for more.  that's a good sign -- There was more to talk about.  I'm glad I made the trip.  Cheers!