01 November, 2018
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Contributor Elections

Of the 261 voters in this election, 199 cast ballots.

Those elected are:

  • Allen Shaw, US

  • Claire Williams, UK

  • Erika Bjune, US

  • Kathryn Carruthers, Canada

  • Rose Lanigan, UK

Partner Elections

Of the 62 voters in this election, 49 cast ballots.

Those elected are:

  • Alice Aguilar, US - Progressive Technology Project

  • Andrew Hunt, US - AGH Strategies

  • Erik Hommel, Netherlands - CiviCooP

  • Peter Davis, NZ - Fuzion

What’s Next?

Over the next two months, the committee will develop...

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25 October, 2018
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The first annual CiviCRM Governance Summit was held in New Jersey, USA on 25/26 September 2018, attended by 29 people - core team, partners, users and service providers from around the globe.

The major decision of the summit was to create a representative body to help guide the CiviCRM project.  An outline of the structure was produced, but there are many details yet to be resolved so the secondary decision was to create an interim committee, called the Establishment Committee, for the purpose of defining the eventual structure.  

The Establishment Committee will be formed of 4 partner seats and 5 contributor seats.

For more details see https://civicrm.org/blog/josh/call-for-establishment-committee-nominations


Nominations for the Establishment Committee and the Voter Registration process have now closed and we are fortunate to...

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19 October, 2018

I didn’t hide the fact that I’d been feeling daunted by the prospect of the Sprint. Knowing that I’d be the least techie by some way even amongst the non-devs, I was also acutely aware of being a newbie to the community - after a year and a half as a CiviCRM user, I’d only had five weeks of working with Rose Lanigan and learning the basics of implementation. But I needn’t have worried, soon realising that:

a)       In any group, someone has to be the least technical. It’s an opportunity to learn and to bring a different perspective.

b)      The community is made up of the most welcoming and friendly group of people I could have imagined. Crazy at times, yes! But that’s not a bad thing…

And what a week it was.

After lunch and introductions on the first day, we split off into devs and non-devs. The latter group got to work on improving documentation.

This meant quickly being introduced to my new friends, GitHub, markdown and pull requests. My first...

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04 October, 2018
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Seeking community members to help shape CiviCRM’s future

For the first time in its history, the diverse community of people who use, implement and improve CiviCRM is rallying around a major organized effort to increase the sustainability and transparency of the project. We are pleased to invite members of our community to take part in leading a two-month process that will define a community representation system for the CiviCRM open-source project. See below for information on how to get involved.
The decision to create a representative body to guide CiviCRM comes out of the first annual CiviCRM Governance Summit, held September 25-26 in New Jersey. Twenty-nine people attended in person: the Core Team, active project contributors from end-user organizations, and CiviCRM service providers from North America, Europe and New Zealand, including many Partners. Several summiteers had been involved with CiviCRM for a decade or more. In two long...
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01 October, 2018
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Last week, stakeholders from the CiviCRM community came together to discuss issues of governance and sustainability, and to review recent developments in CiviCRM as well as how it’s managed. We called it a Governance Summit because there was a lot of interest in governance. Regardless, this was fundamentally a “Community Summit” where members of the community could work together to improve CiviCRM as a whole. This post is a recap of much of the work that took place at the summit. 

Since a lot of this writing is already, errr, written up elsewhere, let’s do it in list format and provide links to specific areas that allow you to dig into the details:

  1. Governance Summit summary: https://lab.civicrm.org/community/governance-summit-dev-camp/wikis/governance-summit/post-summit-summary Included is an effort to...

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30 September, 2018
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We’re continuing to use Gitlab (https://lab.civicrm.org/explore/groups) more and more as both a project management and development tool. One area that we’ve been tinkering with over the past several months is using Gitlab for feature requests in CiviCRM. As you can imagine, there’s real potential here to empower the CiviCRM community to create, discuss and promote new features and functionality in CiviCRM. There’s also potential to create a very long, very unorganized list of “to-do’s” that can serve as points of contention should they not be done or rejected outright.

After a great deal of consideration, the CiviCRM Core Team is rolling this capability out officially via the Feature Request project in Gitlab and encouraging community members to review, add and vote on feature improvements in CiviCRM. Though this project is public, meaning...

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21 September, 2018
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On Tuesday 11 September 2018 we had quite an enjoyable and interesting CiviCRM meetup in Antwerp.


A total of 32 participants gathered at the University of Antwerp Middelheim campus to share their stories around CiviCRM.

We did an introduction to CiviCRM for the people new to CiviCRM or deciding if they wanted to start using it, there was a session on memberships for a couple of membership organizations, I did a demonstration of my integration between CiviCRM and eenvoudigfactureren (online invoicing) for Domus Medica and Erik Brouwer facilitated a workshop on how to implement CiviCRM.


21 September, 2018
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Diet Civi is a new "working" group within the CiviCRM community.


Our main objectives are to

  • improve CiviCRM’s ability to support a variety of different workflows on the common core data model.

  • define, coordinate, foster, and fund projects to achieve this.


Our aim is to represent the partners and community members that recognize themselves more or less in the following statements:

  • we mainly work on customer sites as part of a team that works with CiviCRM, bringing our CiviCRM knowledge to the table as one of the components

  • we do not see ourselves as software producers

  • we tend to see ourselves as the “family members” that know about CiviCRM...

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29 June, 2018
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Another bright and breezy day in Edinburgh for our 3rd meet up; a brilliant afternoon programme and we were a good mix of non-users, users and our expert developer Marcus.  

Marcus gave us an overview of CiviCRM and demonstrated its powerful capabilities immediately available - ‘out of the box’.  Marcus took us through each of the dashboard tabs and explained step by step how to build a meaningful system and customise it to our own preferences.  He also took us through the various extensions, or plugins, available with which users can use to further customise and enhance their systems.   

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10 April, 2018
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As part of the release notes for each new version, I compile a list of the people who have contributed code or reviewed changes that go into the release.  As you might expect, many of the familiar names from the CiviCRM partners list are there.

However, a sizable number of nonprofits, big and small, write and edit significant amounts of code, adding features and resolving bugs.  Now that CiviCRM 5.0 has been released, I wanted to take the time to thank all of the nonprofit organizations who have contributed code to the 4.7 series:

  • ATD Fourth World
  • Australian Greens
  • British Humanist Association
  • CEDC
  • Chirojeugd Vlaanderen
  • Community IT Academy
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Future First
  • Kompetenzzentrum Technik-Diversity-Chancengleichheit
  • ...
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