02 April, 2020
By ayduns
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We are pleased to announce the results of the recent CiviCRM Community Council Election 2020.

The Council comprises 11 seats. Normally each council member will serve for 2 years but since this is the first annual election, half will serve for 1 year.

The following are elected for 2 years:

  • Alice Aguilar
  • Alison Barham
  • Detlev Sieber
  • Erik Hommel
  • Rose Lanigan

The following are elected for 1 year:

  • Andy Burns
  • Heather Oliver
  • Joe Murray
  • Michael O'Toole
  • Neil Planchon
  • Tricia Gbinigie

Many thanks to all those offering their services to the CiviCRM community by standing in this election, both those elected and those not.

CiviCRM Elections Team (Aidan Saunders, Joseph Lacey - elections@civicrm.org)


27 March, 2020
By BjoernE
We live in challenging times, and we should now help each other more then ever - especially when on lockdown.
We created a CiviCRM extension to coordinate help for the vulnerable and most affected members of your neighbourhood, community, town or county. It provides two simple public forms, where people can sign up either to request or offer help. These forms then create CiviCRM contacts with the help requests/offers stored in custom fields.
As a next step the included algorithm automatically matches and assigns the best suited helpers to the people in need, based on distance, type of help, and helper workload. All you have to do, is to confirm the created helper relationship and communicate the assignments to the people.
Types of help could simply be a general "any", or specific ones like "walk the dog", "do the shopping" or "pick up parcels". You can configure as many as you want, or simply...
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24 March, 2020
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Hi CiviCRM community, I hope to bring a smile to all your faces with this simple announcement

CiviContact for Android and iOS has been released! This is a mobile app design to allow you to easily connect and manage CiviCRM contacts, groups, activities on your own device.

Here's a quick overview of the features:

  • Quickly connect to a CiviCRM site by scanning a QR Code or receive an authentication email
  • Sync CiviCRM contacts, groups, activities
  • Call and email contacts
  • Take notes and record your time
  • Add and edit contacts
  • Update custom fields
  • View calculated summary fields
  • View activities
  • And much more!

Check out the the CiviContact website, https://civicontact.com.au for demos of the app and instructions for setting...

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15 March, 2020
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This is an open invitation for everyone in the Asia/Pacific region to join other Australians, New Zealanders etc. on-line to catch-up and discuss all things CiviCRM. If you are a CiviCRM user, developer or casual user with questions, then you are most welcome to join us.


The meeting is only 1 hour and has a set agenda (depending on number of people attending this may be shortened).
  • Introductions and welcome to new people
  • Discuss what's going on in the wider CiviCRM community
  • Discuss new projects or challenges
  • Useful or new CiviCRM extensions
  • PRs, bugs etc
  • Volunteer for next meeting chair...
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19 February, 2020

In the wider world of hosting, "shared" services are the discount offering that you use when you don't value your site or really don't have any budget. But amongst non-profits and open-source projects, sharing is a positive value, and in many cases essential. Can we reclaim the concept?

I've been hosting CiviCRM sites since 2007. About 3 years ago, before I knew anything about containers, I started looking at my services, how I deliver them, and what I wanted to change. It was a much bigger investment than I was expecting, but a year ago I finished converting all my in-house hosting services over to using containers. I've been trying to write out the interesting parts of that story, and here are a few of them:

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17 February, 2020
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In late 2018, the Establishment Team was set-up to help identify the role and processes for a newly-elected team to represent the CiviCRM community. The outcomes were reported in mid-2019 but implementation was paused in the lead-up to the Community Summit in October.

However, the stage is now set and we’re ready to start the election process! As Erik mentioned last week, things are moving forward...

Aidan Saunders and Joseph Lacey have agreed once again to manage the voting processes, with additional support from Michael McAndrew, Jon Goldberg and Eileen McNaughton. They will oversee the process to ensure it is undertaken with due diligence and credibility, and that the nominees broadly represent the whole...

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10 February, 2020
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We are about to start the election process for the Community Council of CiviCRM and we would like to invite you to register as a voter or nominate yourself as a candidate.

The Community Council of CiviCRM has been tasked at the Barcelona Civi Summit:

“Our community is the cornerstone on which CiviCRM is built, we will hold elections to establish a body charged with coalescing the ideas, opinions and values of the community, nurturing our intra-community relations and protecting our community as a safe space to collaborate on our overall aim of providing a world-class open-source CRM aimed at doing global good.”

The Community Council will work closely together with the Core Team to support and guide the community. As this will be a new body we will elect 11 members, 5 for two years and 6 for one year. In the future there will be a rotation schedule and each member will sit for two years.

The instructions and timeline for the voter...

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04 December, 2019
By KarinG
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For a little Holiday spirit -> Register now for the CiviCRM Canada Coffee/Tea Holiday Exchange!

How it works:

  • Determine if you're a CiviCRM Enthusiast and you'd like to connect with other CiviCRM users in Canada
  • If that's the case, you're in the right place! Complete this Registration Form: https://d8.semper-it.com/register-for-civicrm-canada-coffee by December 10, 2019
  • A draw will be conducted on December 11, 2019 and you will be notified of your Coffee/Tea mission - so you can get to work!
  • You must get your shipment out prior to December 15, 2019. We'll ensure everyone will have a match.
  • Once you receive your coffee/tea surprise do share a picture on your favourite Social Media
  • Yes it's kind of secret Santa style but it's also Happy Holidays style or...
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29 November, 2019
By josh

On 15 August 2019, we switched the contributor log (previously a webform/civicrm) over to Gitlab. Details on how to track time can be found here. We did this because more and more of the project management was taking place in Gitlab and because of weaknesses in the contributor log, specifically it was clunky and it was difficult to assess the legitimacy of contributions reported.

Now that we have a few months of data on the new log, how it is going? Qualitatively speaking, feedback has been mixed. Some seem to be managing quite well with it whereas others either don’t engage on Gitlab enough or have run into permission issues that have frustrated them. To accommodate ease of entry, we likewise created a bulk import tool that bypasses Gitlab and allows users to log time en masse. The format of the...

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15 November, 2019
By neil
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Come meet others in the San Francisco Bay Area who use and are interested in using CiviCRM.

CiviCRM is a powerful open source CRM used by more than 10,000 non-profits, NGOs and advocacy organizations. Free to download and install, it helps organizations centralize constituent communications, build and manage their donor base & membership, process event registrations and accept donations on their website, and more.  CiviCRM integrates fully with Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla & Backdrop.  Just as importantly, the worldwide CiviCRM community includes some of the best, most helpful folks you'll ever meet.

This meetup is your chance to get your questions about CiviCRM answered, meet other...

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