First speakers announced for CiviCamp Manchester

2023-11-07 07:11
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CiviCamp Manchester is just three weeks away! We've put together a fantastic range of talks that will appeal to anyone who is interested in CiviCRM - from those who are just getting started to those that have been using it for years. If you haven't already booked a place now is the time to do so. We look forward to seeing you on 1 December!

Here's a sample of what we have lined up for the day...

Fundraising with CiviCRM

Izi Clery, Head of Fundraising and Engagement, Population Matters

Izi will talk about how Population Matters uses CiviCRM to support its fundraising efforts. This session will cover segmentation, personalisation, automated thank you messages, A/B testing and personal campaign pages.

This will be an updated version of her talk from March.

Getting data out of CiviCRM

Rebecca Tregenna, Project Manager, Third Sector Design

There are many ways that you can get data out of CiviCRM. In this session Rebecca will start with the standard reporting tools such as Search and Reports as well as some extensions that provide more options for reporting. She will then look at SearchKit and examples of how this can be used to run more complex reporting.

Recent developments in SearchKit and FormBuilder

Coleman Watts, Senior Developer, CiviCRM Core Team

SearchKit and FormBuilder are recent additions to CiviCRM that make a huge improvement to how you can get data into and out of CiviCRM (see previous talk). This is an area of active development for CiviCRM with new features being released each month. Coleman will give an overview of these two extensions and provide an update on new functionality.

Building SaaS Offerings with CiviCRM

Joe Murray, Principal, JMA Consulting

JMA Consulting has deployed two SaaS (software as a service) offerings for clients based on CiviCRM, a highly customised Drupal/CiviCRM one with 850+ instances for Canadian charities needing a donor management system and a simpler WordPress/CiviCRM one with a few dozen instances for Business Improvement Areas in Ontario. It is currently working on a third offering with a client that will be focused on community organising that will aim to integrate with a variety of client website technologies.

This session will describe the special challenges in building, supporting, hosting and marketing these offerings.

Want to get a feel for what the day will be like? Take a look at the report from CiviCamp London in June.

CiviCamp Manchester is preceded by admin training and followed by a sprint. Read more about what is happening in CiviCRM Manchester 2023.

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