24 November, 2019
By Detlev
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Once a year Software für Engagierte e.V., an association of German CiviCRM users, organizes a national CiviCamp in Germany. This year it took place in Hamburg at November, 18 and was visited by 68 users, developers and interested people from all parts of Germany and even from Austria and Switzerland, with one participant each.

On the initiative of Ulrich Meyer-Martin and Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli, the task of hosting CiviCamp had been taken on by the Hamburg CiviCRM community. And they delivered: As many as five local organisations presented their use cases, even more local enthusiasts pitched in. The location was also well chosen, because the GLS bank’s meeting rooms with their rooftop view of Hamburg were top in more than sense: the bank was even represented in person since they actively support development through the...

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29 May, 2019
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Maandag 13 mei was het zover. Mijn eerste CiviCamp. Ik werk inmiddels al een paar jaar met CiviCRM en het leek me goed om wat meer betrokken te zijn bij de community. Ik vond het wel spannend. Ik heb immers geen verstand van ICT, ik heb een sociale opleiding gedaan. Ik ben coördinator van een maatjesproject en gebruik CiviCRM om vast te leggen wie maatje van wie is. We zijn een kleine organisatie met slechts twee parttime medewerkers, maar ik zou mijn werk niet kunnen doen zonder CiviCRM.

Bij binnenkomst merkte ik een ontspannen sfeer van ons-kent-ons. Ik zag veel mannen met laptops, soms in groepjes bij elkaar. Achterin de zaal stonden een hoop koffers en bagage. Ik zag iemand met een programmaboekje. Hij bestudeerde de tabel met programmaonderdelen alsof het een wiskunde opgave was en zette kruisjes bij interessante workshops zoals een kind dat doet bij speelgoed in de intertoys folder.  Ik bemachtigde ook een programmaboekje en probeerde wijs te worden uit alle Engelse...

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13 May, 2019
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We're having a CiviCamp and Sprint in New York City. CiviCamp will take place Tuesday, June 11th at the National Urban League. The Code and Documentation Sprint will follow from June 12th to 15th.

At this years CiviCamp we will have a day of sessions that will cover the various components of CiviCRM. There will also be a space where we will hold a Help Desk to answer your questions. And here will be a room for the developers to connect for those who want engage in more technical dialogue.

We'll be updating the website with more details as we have them. But don't hesitate...

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15 April, 2019
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We are in the final countdown to the UK CiviCamp in Leeds, on the 3rd May 2019. Lots of the sessions are now finalised and there will be a good range of topics and opportunities to find out more:

  • Introduction to CiviCRM
  • Organising Data effictively in CiviCRM
  • Managing Events using CiviCRM
  • Memberships, plus a run through the new developments recently posted in a blog online
  • Cases in CiviCRM, including some new developments
  • An introduction to using Webforms and Views in Drupal to simplify inputting and display custom reports

And more! We will also have 'Lightening Talks' where we showcase recent developments, and an opportunity to bring your own topics and share with fellow users and CiviCRM community members.

Plus, for those who've not visited Leeds before,...

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27 March, 2019

Don't forget your sunscreen! The Global Community Summit is coming to Barcelona on October: Register Now!

The site for the upcoming Global Community Summit in Barcelona is published. We are also collecting issues, comments, ideas, requests in the GitLab. If you consider yourself part of the community you should definitely register as soon as possible (we expect to have a full house).


  • Global Community Summit: October 4 & 5
  • Sprint /  DevCamp: October October 6 - 10
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Venue: Can Ramonet, Sitges
  • Website: ...
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04 March, 2019
By noah

It's time to take your CiviCRM skills to the next level! Join us for two days of intensive hands-on learning, individual attention from CiviCRM experts and networking with nonprofit peers.

  • Dig into the most popular components of CiviCRM with the guidance of experienced trainers.

  • Learn and practice on an actual database: we give each trainee their own CiviCRM site to work on.

  • Ask questions: you'll have plenty of opportunities.

Get an early-bird discount if you register by March 12.

We will cover all the most commonly-used core components of CiviCRM. This is your chance to become familiar with parts of Civi that you were curious about but haven't ventured into. You may also pick up better ways to accomplish the tasks you already do in Civi!

The training takes place side-by-side with ...
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01 March, 2019
By neil
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Our San Francisco Bay Area CiviCRM community had a fantastic 2018 CiviCamp.  The feedback we received has shaped our 2019 offering.  (Thank you!)  So this year, CiviCamp Oakland is a 2-Day event! 

In addition to CiviCamp sessions, we are offering an intensive training for CiviCRM users who want a more thorough learning experience. This hands-on training is presented by Lemniscus with AGH Strategies.

We invite you to partner with us!  We have opportunities for presenters, volunteers and sponsors.  Email civicampsfbayarea@civicrm.org to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!

Two days, multiple ways to engage. Possibly the only...

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18 February, 2019

Put on your clogs: CiviCamp NW Europe will be held in the capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam in May 2019! Register now!

Tropen Museum

The event will take place on Monday, 13th of May, in Amsterdam at the Impact Hub, Linnaeusstraat 2C, 1092 CK Amsterdam.

It will be followed by a 4 day Sprint in Bennekom, Nivon House Bosbeek, Bosbeekweg 19-21, 6721 MH Bennekom

During the Sprint there will be a 2 day Developer's training: Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 May from 09.30 till 4.30 pm.  

CiviCamps are one day events covering everything related to CiviCRM. They are a great opportunity to learn...

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11 February, 2019
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CiviCamp is coming to Leeds in May 2019!

As part of this event, we are also holding two-day administrator training.

  • Administrator training: Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd May, 9.30am to 4.30pm
  • CiviCamp: Friday May 3rd, 9.15am to 4.30pm

These will take place at St George’s Crypt, Great George Street, LS1 3BR, which is only a short walk from Leeds rail station.

CiviCamps are one day events covering everything related to CiviCRM. They are a great opportunity to learn about CiviCRM and what it can do for your organisation, meet other CiviCRM users, partners and Core Team members and gather their feedback, learn advanced strategies for managing your online database, ask any questions you might have, share tips and build connections!

This event will offer the opportunity to meet the CiviCRM community and share experiences and knowledge with other...

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17 December, 2018
By Detlev
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CiviCamps are casual, locally-organized one day events bringing together CiviCRM users, experts and those who want to discover what CiviCRM is and what it can do. This year, Software für Engagierte e.V., an association of CiviCRM users, came up with the plan to organize annual CiviCamps in Germany. 43 users, experts and interested organizations attended the first camp that took place November 15th in Halle (Saale).

The event location Peißnitzhaus Halle was the perfect place to have the camp: The small castle is currently restored for public use by a local non profit organization, which itself manages its contacts, donations and many more with CiviCRM. Even contracts for room rentals are produced automatically within CiviCRM. Beside a...

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