Join us at CiviCamp NYC 2019

2019-05-13 07:52
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We're having a [CiviCamp]( and [Sprint]( in New York City. [CiviCamp]( will take place Tuesday, June 11th at the [National Urban League]( The [Code and Documentation Sprint]( will follow from June 12th to 15th. At this years [CiviCamp]( we will have a day of sessions that will cover the various components of CiviCRM. There will also be a space where we will hold a Help Desk to answer your questions. And here will be a room for the developers to connect for those who want engage in more technical dialogue. We'll be updating the website with more details as we have them. But don't hesitate to [sign up, details here]( Hope to see you on June 11th!
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