CiviCamp Hamburg 3-7 June 2024: Sessions Confirmed

2024-04-15 04:39
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What else can CiviCRM do beyond its core functions? SYSTOPIA and FlyingCivi are happy to announce the confirmed sessions of the international CiviCamp (3 June 2024) and sprint (4–7 June 2024) in Hamburg.

The opportunities offered by the CiviCRM platform are rich and diverse: flexible configurations and set-ups, powerful extensions, APIs and integrations, and additional customization through multiple programming interfaces for developers. This CiviCamp focuses on conversations around technically advanced developments and setups whilst opening up the access to these complex topics for all CiviCRM enthusiasts and users. Last but not least, we want to foster international exchange with and among those who are shaping the future of CiviCRM: key users, implementers, core and extension developers.

Given the international focus, the main program of the CiviCamp and a lot of the sessions will be held in English. There are also some sessions planned in German, with the option to have English slides and coordinating "whisper translation" within the audience with volunteers from the community.

You can find more information about the CiviCamp Hamburg program and logistics on the official event website.

speaker at CiviCamp Leipzig,
text: Sessions confirmed, register now at:
CiviCamp Hamburg 3-7 June 2024

Here's the confirmed sessions you can look forward to:

[German] CiviCRM: Eine Kurzeinführung für Neulinge

Was ist CiviCRM und welche Funktionen bietet es? Was macht Civi als Freie Open-Source-Software anders? Und wer ist Teil der CiviCRM Community?
Eine knappe Einführung und Demo mit Raum für Fragen für alle, die CiviCRM kennenlernen möchten.

Vortragende: Benedikt Kaleß (Software für Engagierte e. V. / forumZFD) und Theresa Eberle (Software für Engagierte e. V.)

[English] Streamlit and CiviCRM: A Winning Team for Custom UIs and Dashboards 

Streamlit is an open-source framework that enables developers to quickly and with minimal effort create interactive web apps for data analysis and machine learning. The implementation is carried out in simple Python scripts, supporting many widgets such as sliders, checkboxes, and graphs.
Streamlit apps automatically update when users input data, making it ideal for interactive data explorations and presentations. An example involving CiviCRM cases at "Hamburger mit Herz" demonstrates the freedom this platform offers and the potential it may hold.

Presenter: Ulrich Meyer-Martin (FlyingCivi)

[English] Funding Application & Grant Management

Together with Arbeit und Leben we developed a customizable and expandable framework to manage funding applications with CiviCRM.
The resulting solution combines a powerful CiviCRM extension for managing grant applications with a Drupal-based web portal for submitting applications. It facilitates the entire process of submitting and processing funding applications: submission, review, feedback, approval, generating payment instruction and proof of use with document and file upload.
In this presentation will showcase the successful pilot project and demonstrate how the generic development concept offers many opportunities for further development and organization-specific individualization.

Presenter: Martin Peth (SYSTOPIA) and Konstantin Diettrich (Arbeit und Leben)

[German] Portal für Förderwettbewerbe bei MINT Zukunft 

MINT Zukunft e.V. ehrt und fördert im Rahmen eines bundesweiten Wettbewerbs Schulen, die einen Schwerpunkt auf die MINT-Bildung legen.
In dieser Session stellen wir eine CiviCRM-Portallösung vor, die den damit einhergehenden Verwaltungsaufwand für die Bewerbungen, die Beteiligung von ehrenamtlichen Juror*innen und die Bewertungen deutlich reduziert und die User Experience verbessert:

  • Portal mit Login-Funktion für Schulen und Juror*innen (realisiert mit CiviRemote)
  • komplexe Bewerbungsformulare (realsiert mit Webforms, CMRF & Formprocessor)
  • persönlicher Bereich, Bewerbungspool und Bewertungsmöglichkeiten für Juror*innen

Vortragende: Benjamin Gesing (MINT Zukunft e.V.) und Anna Bugey (SYSTOPIA)

[German] Superset, Talend und CiviCRM bei Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua nutzt seit mehr als 7 Jahren CiviCRM. Immer wieder gab es die Anforderung, Dashboards zur Kontrolle und Steuerung der Marktaktivitäten von Viva con Agua bereitzustellen. Zuerst ist dies jetzt durchgängig im Bereich der Viva con Agua Wasser GmbH gelungen: dort wurde Superset als offenes Dashboard-Werkzeug ausgewählt und darunter ein Datawarehouse mit verschiedenen Schichten aufgebaut. Diese Schichten werden über das Extract-Transform und Load-Tool Talend nächtlich versorgt. Es werden Beispiele vom fachlichen Reporting hin zur Implementierung in den ETL-Schichten gezeigt. Diese Vorgehensweise wird nun auch im Viva con Agua e.V. für das Spendenreporting genutzt.

Vortragende: Patrick Köhn (Viva con Agua) und Tore Buschsenja (FlyingCivi)

[English] CiviRemote - A Powerful Framework for Online Integration and More

The CiviRemote framework is powerful toolset consisting of CiviCRM extensions, Drupal modules and more that can be used for constituent portals, self service features, advanced online integration for events and forms and more. This session is aimed at advanced users, implementors and developers. Using case studies and examples we will cover:

  • The most important components of the framework and their respective focus
    Remote Tools: Connect CiviCRM Contacts with users of external systems
    • Remote Events: Fancy and or customized event registration forms on remote systems or your CiviCRMs CMS
    • CiviCRM Modular Remote-Access Framework (CMRF): Provides an infrastructure for the data exchange between a public facing website with a CiviCRM system.
    • Remote Activity and Remote Entity: Expose CiviCRM Entities so they can be viewed and edited by permissioned users in your frontend
  • When / why would you use the Remote-Framework instead of core components
  • State and roadmap of the project

Presenters: Jens Schuppe and Björn Endres (SYSTOPIA)

[English] Approaches to Building Forms

Description will follow soon.

Presenter: Josh Gowans (CiviCRM LLC)

[English] CiviCRM for Arts and Culture

Description will follow soon.

Presenter: Patrick Förg (Civilisten)

[English] Automated Recruitment & Telemarketing at Amnesty International Vlaanderen

Amnesty International Vlaanderen uses street recruitment agencies to recruit new donors and telemarketing agencies to reactivate old donors or specific targeted groups. With a new extension (developed by CiviCooP) they can now pull data from street recruitment and telemarketing agencies (rather than received and clean CSV files) and process them automatically into contacts, SEPA mandates, activities and group memberships. We can now start using a new telemarketing or street recruitment agency a lot quicker and almost without any support from ICT.

Presenter: Erik Hommel (CiviCooP) 

[English] Resource Management & Matching

This session is for anyone who needs to manage human or physical resources and match them with resource demands. We are going to present the Resource Management extension that

  • provides an UI to define human and physical resources (based on contacts and custom entities),
  • allows to define resource demands including specific conditions,
  • can suggest resources matching your demands and allow you to assign them,
  • blocks a resource for the specified timeframe when it is assigned to a demand.

Also some online integration features are already implemented (inviting contacts to participate in a matching opportunity using event forms). The extension has a flexible data modell which allows for customizations as well as extending the current scope and use cases.

Presenters: Jens Schuppe and Björn Endres (SYSTOPIA)

[English] SearchKit Reporting and Visualisations

This session will look at building reports on CiviCRM data using SearchKit; and progress to make these reports visual with the new ChartKit extension. I’ll aim to mix user-level demos with some technical questions, as well as discussion of next steps for the visualisation project and how others can contribute going forward.

Presenter: Ben Walpole (CiviCRM Core Team) 

[German] Spendenformulare mit Twingle

In dieser Session geht es um die Anbindung von Twingle-Spendenformularen an CiviCRM. Wie werden die Daten aus den Twingle-Spendenformularen in CiviCRM abgebildet und wie können Workflows bis hin zu komplexen Geschäftsprozessen abgebildet werden? Außerdem wird die neue Möglichkeit der Integration von Twingle Shops vorgestellt.

Vortragender: Marc Michalsky (ForumZFD)

[English] Improving How CiviCRM Looks: Present and Future

In this session we look at approaches to improve CiviCRM’s appearance at present, and unveil the future strategy to retheme Civi. Customisation of CiviCRM’s admin interface can be done with themes like Shoreditch, Haystack; in the front-end via Views/WebForm in Drupal/Backdrop or the Hamburg-created tool YooThemePro in WordPress/Joomla; as well as at smarty template level. Nic Wistreich, author of the Finsbury Park theme and co-author of the new retheme strategy, will then present for the first time CiviCRM’s plans to bring out a new default theme, while improving accessibility and mobile/tablet responsiveness across the software.

Presenter: Nic Wistreich (visualist) 

[English] Enhance your Time Management with CiviAppointment for CiviCRM/CiviMobile

Our innovative CiviAppointment booking functionality, designed to streamline your scheduling process. With our user-friendly system, user can easily book appointments with specific contacts, all while viewing available time slots at a glance. Our system categorizes appointments by type, ensuring clarity and organization throughout the booking process. Whether it’s a consultation, meeting, or any other appointment type suitable for an organization, it’s possible to quickly identify available slots and secure booking hassle-free. Experience the convenience of efficient appointment scheduling with our intuitive platform!

Presenter: Sergiy Korniyenko (Agiliway) 

[German] Management von Ehrenamtlichen mit HiOrg & CiviCRM

Der Landesverband ASB Schleswig Holstein muss eine große Anzahl von Ehrenamtlichen managen, die in unterschiedlichen regionalen Verbänden organisiert sind. Viele der Regionalverbände nutzten für die Planung von Einsätzen und das Tracking von Qualifikationen, Ausbildungen usw. bereits die Spartensoftware HiOrg, so dass eine besondere Herausforderung war, diese Informationen mit CiviCRM zu synchronisieren. In dieser Session stellen wir vor wie:

  • Qualifikationen, Ausbildungen und viele weitere Informationen mit Hilfe des Entity Construction Kits verwaltet und mit dem SearchKit in die Oberfläche integriert werden
  • Mit Hilfe einer neuen CiviCRM-Erweiterung die Multi-Instanz-Anbindungen von HiOrg ermöglicht, Informationen zu Ehrenamtlichen, ihren Qualifikationen, Ausbildungen usw. synchronisiert werden

Vortragende: Kai Kulschewski (ASB Schleswig-Holstein) und Jens Schuppe (SYSTOPIA) 

[English] Customized Workflows with the CiviCRM Extension “SearchActionDesigner”

Many workflows in CiviCRM are based on a search query, e.g. "search for all contacts for whom a certain condition is met and send them an email". But sometimes the actions are more complex: If you want to send an email that contains a personalized PDF attachment, and if, at the same time, you want to make a specific entry in a user-defined field in the contacts, this is only possible in a very cumbersome way and with a high risk of operating errors. The SearchActionDesigner though makes it possible to execute several actions at once in one search action. Freely defined as a no-code solution.

Detlev Sieber and Peter Reck present an example of what they have done with SearchActionDesigner. Jaap Jansma, the original developer of the extension, presents the background of the extension. And will explain on how you can contribute towards this extension.

Presenters: Detlev Sieber (, Peter Reck (Stiftung Pfadfinden), Jaap Jansma (CiviCooP)

Side program

The heart of the CiviCamp are the unique opportunities to network and get to know each other alongside the session program.
During the breaks there are plenty of opportunities for informal exchanges:

  • Get to know implementation partners at the CiviCRM Marketplace                            
  • Come to the CiviCRM Help Desk with your questions and ideas
  • ...or simply meet for a cuppa at the open coffee bar!

Register now

There are many good reasons to attend CiviCamp events. They bring together a diverse community of people, including users on all experience levels, administrators and coders. They offer a unique opportunity to learn about advanced tools and configurations from and with leading CiviCRM experts. They help you (re-)connect with practitioners across the globe and discover where your CiviCRM journey can take you.

If you don't want to miss out on all the CiviCamp Hamburg has to offer, you can sign up for the camp and sprint right here:

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