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2019-11-24 04:53
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Once a year Software für Engagierte e.V., an association of German CiviCRM users, organizes a national CiviCamp in Germany. This year it took place in Hamburg at November, 18 and was visited by 68 users, developers and interested people from all parts of Germany and even from Austria and Switzerland, with one participant each.

On the initiative of Ulrich Meyer-Martin and Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli, the task of hosting CiviCamp had been taken on by the Hamburg CiviCRM community. And they delivered: As many as five local organisations presented their use cases, even more local enthusiasts pitched in. The location was also well chosen, because the GLS bank’s meeting rooms with their rooftop view of Hamburg were top in more than sense: the bank was even represented in person since they actively support development through the Twingle extension. One of the talks featured this extension next to other tools for donation forms.

There were reports about workflow and case management with CiviCase, current developments in Drupal and Wordpress, and the use of templates including a preview of the OnlyOffice extension (full program – German page).

Well-received formats included a short introduction for CiviCRM newcomers and lightning talks that ranged from “starting out well” to “donation receipts” and conjured up the motivational force of CiviCRM fashion:

"Only friends in Civi are friends for life"

"No time? No oversight? Forgot someone? CIVI HELPS YOU"

Finally, there was a novelty also for the sake of those who couldn’t attend. We asked, using analog and offline technology, who might have an interest in local meetups or regional user gatherings. We will gladly link up contacts in the following regions and elsewhere.

Our bottom line: Bring on the next Camp! Maybe even followed by a sprint for developers? Several participants already expressed their interest. Software für Engagierte will be part of organising CiviCamp 2020, and the exact time and location will be announced in good time on our (German) mailing list . This will probably be in the warm season and in Berlin. Cordial thanks to all participants for their input and exchanges and to the speakers, who came from 5 Knoten CiviCRM Support Leipzig, KMM Netzwerk e.V., Meyer-Martin Consulting Services, Patriotische Gesellschaft von 1765 e.V., Stiftung Generationen-Zusammenhalt Hamburg, SYSTOPIA Organisationsberatung, Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli, volunt - Vereinsberatung und Organisationsentwicklung, Weekendschool Deutschland e.V.

Read more about Software für Engagierte e.V.: website in German language

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