Form Builder

Form Builder represents the most ambitious improvement to CiviCRM since the project started and will fundamentally change the flexibility and customizability of the software.

Imagine a world in which every form within CiviCRM, both public facing and in the administration area, could easily be customized via a drag and drop interface. Imagine the ability to create powerful relationships between the data as it's entered. Imagine establishing conditional rules. Imagine applying ACL permissions to forms, allowing users with varying roles and responsibilities to work with only the data they need.

That is Form Builder. And it is being realized.

Does that sound ambitious? You can help.

Long identified as a key piece of functionality, the native form builder made it officially to the roadmap in 2015. It is being driven by the CiviCRM Core Team.

Along with SearchKit, Form Builder is viewed as a critical improvement and is a central focus for the Core Team's development efforts.

Form Builder - Episode III: Rise of the GUI

This last effort brought Form Builder into the core of CiviCRM. Big thanks to everyone that made it happen.

Form Builder - Episode II: A New Push

The release of the alpha GUI extension is here because of the following supporters. Huge thanks to you for supporting Form Builder!

Form Builder - Episode I: Prototype

Form Builder is where it is today thanks to those that made the investment in an initial prototype. Huge thanks to you for supporting Form Builder!

  • Kingston Chamber Music Festival
  • Eileen McNaughton
  • Iantha Scheiwe
  • Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation
  • Fuzion
  • Delmonico, Betsy
  • Romdahl, Paal Joachim
  • Camp Cooinda
  • Chabad Suite
  • Gowans, Joshua
  • DevApp
  • Walpole, Benjamin
  • Audienceware
  • Tisza, Gergo