20 January, 2016
By Mizi
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This year, the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) will be taking place in San Jose, CA on March 23-25, 2016. 

CiviCRM will again be an exhibitor at the conference. Feel free to pay us a visit at booth 1023. Experts will be on hand to answer questions on deploying, managing, and developing for CiviCRM. If you'd like to contribute or get involved with promoting CiviCRM at the NTC, please post a comment below and we'll get in touch with you to coordinate.

Skvare will be on-site for the booth setup Tuesday afternoon from 3-7pm and the conference doors will open on the 23rd (Wednesday) at lunchtime. Sessions will be scheduled on Thursday and Friday until noon. The precise session schedule will be announced soon with all the event details.  

Registration for the conference is now available at the...

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19 January, 2016
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We've thought a bit about how we communicate with you and are rolling out some changes to make it easier for you to keep up to date with the things you are interested in.  We're splitting our regular monthly community newsletter into User news, written for end users and others that are interested in keeping up with product developments (tips of how to make the most out of CiviCRM, new features, user focused events, etc.) and Contributor news, written for people that are actively involved with CiviCRM (or just getting started down that lane) who want to be kept up with initiatives we're working on to improve CiviCRM, hear about ways you can get involved, and so on. We'll also start sending out announcements - one off single subject emails about the most important developments for the project.

Since the Community newsletter did all three of these things, we've subscribed everyone who received the community newsletter to our...

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18 January, 2016
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Here's a quick run down of major CiviCRM events for your calendar for 2016.

  • CiviDay - locations around the world - February 24th
  • CiviCon North West Europe - 26th May
  • CiviCon Colorado
    • The main event - 2nd and 3rd June
    • Trainings for users, administrators and developers - 31st May and 1st June
    • The sprint (your chance to contribute to CiviCRM in person) - 4th to 8th June
  • CiviCon London
    • The main event - 6th and 7th October
    • Trainings for users, administrators and developers - 4th and 5th October
    • The sprint (your chance to contribute to CiviCRM in person) - 8th to 13th October
  • CiviCRM user summit DC - September 22nd and 23rd

Normally our events page is your best bet for the most up to date list of CivICRM events but since some of these events are not yet in...

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03 January, 2016
By totten
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(Updated: As v4.6.12 and 4.7.0, these directions have been simplified slightly.)

If you're working on a site with CiviCRM v4.6.5+ and rely on StackExchange, IRC, JIRA, or other community media for support, then you should consider making an anonymized site profile.  You can prepare one with a few clicks and paste it into any support requests.  This will provide a report of key technical details (such as the exact versions of CiviCRM, PHP, MySQL) which may assist others in diagnosing your problem.

How To

Log into CiviCRM as an administrator. Navigate to "Administer => System Settings => Connections". This page will display an option called "Site Profile" with a "Connect" button.  Click it.

 Enabling the Site Profile

Review the information and continue.


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03 January, 2016

I have always been passionate about the nonprofit sector, and I had the chance to continue growing this passion when I joined iATS Payments in 2012 as iATS is a payment processor working exclusively with nonprofits. 

In my role as VP Marketing and Business Development, I am closely involved with the payment processor extension built for CiviCRM. The first version of our extension became available to the CiviCRM community in 2007, and iATS has been working closely with Civi to enhance our extension and update it on a regular basis with features that clients need. We completely updated it in April 2014 and released our latest version 1.4.2 in October 2015, each new version with several features and...

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17 November, 2015
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CiviDay - our annual celebration of all things CiviCRM is coming up on Wednesday 24th February 2016. Find out what CiviCRM can do for you, meet others that are using CiviCRM nearby, and find out what CiviCRM services are available locally.

The core of CiviDay is a series of meet ups in different cities around the world. Last year, we had 26 across 3 continents. This year, we'd love to see more cities, more counties, and all continents represented (OK, maybe not Antarctica!).

CiviDay events are designed to be accessible to people with little or no experience of CiviCRM and are a great place to take your first steps into the CiviCRM world. People that have been using CiviCRM for a while are very welcome too - come along to find out about the latest developments and learn new tips and tricks, and also to share your experiences with others.

Check out https://civicrm.org/cividay-2016 for the...

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16 November, 2015
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It’s been eleven years since I took a leap of faith and joined Donald Lobo on a journey to build a powerful set of integrated, free and open source tools for non-profits. I’ve had a career path full of pretty unusual twists and turns - ranging from turret lathe operator, and chef in a vegetarian cafe collective, to co-founder of a banking software company and social worker in a community mental health clinic (and I’ve left out a few other gigs). But without a doubt the past eleven years has been the most challenging and rewarding of all.

Growing up I had a with a passion for “erector sets”  and math puzzles. Yet coming of age in the turbulent sixties in a socially conscious family engendered a commitment to make the world a better place. Working on CiviCRM has been a wonderful opportunity to combine those drives.

We started at the proverbial kitchen counter with a few simple...

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02 November, 2015
My name is Chris Burgess, I currently live in Dunedin, Aotearoa and I'm working with Fuzion. I'm @xurizaemon on Twitter, Github, IRC etc & blog at http://chris.bur.gs
With CiviCRM, I'm helping over 50 non-profit organisations raise funds, manage membership, run complex case management systems, communicate, build election campaigns, and change the world. Right now that looks like expanding options for CiviCRM provision & hosting, exploring ways of improving CiviCRM's user experience for onboarding new contacts, doing some prototype work on config management with a view...
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23 October, 2015
I'm excited to provide a final report from the CiviCRM User Summit, which was held in Washington, DC, September 24-25.
The Summit expanded to two days this year, allowing us to increase the number of sessions offered and add an unconference track.  Attendees proposed and voted on unconference sessions at the beginning of the User Summit, and we had a wonderful variety of topics.
The vast majority of attendees rated their experience at the conference "great" or "outstanding", and all but one survey respondent would recommend the User Summit to their colleagues for next year.
In particular, User Summit attendees valued the PURLs session presented by Peter Petrik, the keynote by Amy Sample Ward, and the...
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20 October, 2015
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by Zak Rogoff, campaigns manager, Free Software Foundation. Follow Zak on GNU Social or Twitter.

The Free Software Foundation's mission is to promote and defend free software and build a strong movement for computer user freedom. I do communications at the Foundation, and a majority of my work relies on CiviCRM. I'm a Civi power user and know the software intimately (at least the set of extensions we use), so it was exciting to meet the faces behind the software at the User Summit in September. Here are some things I wanted to share with the CiviCRM community:

FSF <3 CiviCRM

Before CiviCRM existed, the FSF had a listing in our High Priority Projects list calling for someone to develop a free CRM. In 2010, we started using CiviCRM, checked the CRM entry off the...

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