28 February, 2017

Some of you will know, use and might even love the CiviRules extension. We certainly do! Quite a few of the organizations we support with their CiviCRM stuff use and love it, and judging by the question on StackExchange and issues and pull requests on GitHub quite a few more do too!

This is wonderful! But it also means that quite a few organizations are faced with the challenge of keeping CiviRules up to date with the latest CiviCRM versions. And want to make sure the functionality remains the same whenever new upgrades or little fixes to CiviCRM happen. So we think it would be nice if we were able to:

  • ensure CiviRules is compatible with the latest and greatest core CiviCRM
  • add a bunch of automated unit tests to CiviRules that would be run together with the core automated tests so we immediately know about bugs or software conflicts when something changes in core.

To make this possible we need funding. Initially some funding to make...

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14 February, 2017
By josh
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If you contribute to CiviCRM, we want to know about it. Now, you might ask "don't you already know given that contributions improve the code, coordinate events, extend the system, etc.?" Well, yes, that is true, but coordinating all of that information in such a way that we, as a small Core Team, can recognize it effectively is no small task. And since contributions across all aspects of the project will play an increasingly important role in improving the code and growing the ecosystem, we need your help to better understand who's done what, when, and how it fits into the overall roadmap, working groups and various initiatives within the CiviCRM project.

If you contribute to CiviCRM, we encourage you to take a moment each week, month, quarter... however frequently (or infrequently) you want... to record you contributions to the project...

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17 January, 2017

You are invited to the first CiviCamp in the UK, brought to you in Manchester, the “uncrowned capital of the north”! Firstly, for those not familiar with the term, what is a CiviCamp? It’s a bit like a CiviCon, the annual conference for CiviCRM, where people gather for workshops and networking, to get a better idea of what CiviCRM is capable of and how to implement it more effectively in their own workplace.

This CiviCamp is mainly focused at users and those who are exploring CiviCRM to implement, but we also welcome implementers and developers to come and share their knowledge with others, and to pick up ideas from the community.

We already have some confirmed workshops, including: Introduction to CiviCRM, Using CiviEvents to manage training, Data Protection for the Third Sector, CiviHR, Open Data, CiviCRM and SMS, and the CiviBooking Extensions.

There will also be time to bring your own issues and questions in our ‘Birds of a Feather’ sessions to explore...

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15 January, 2017
By alainb

CiviCRM will have a booth at one of the biggest free and open source conferences: FOSDEM.

The FOSDEM conference is held every year in Brussels (Belgium) and attracts more than 8000 participants from all over the world.

See http://fosdem.org for more information.

This year, the conference will be on Saturday 4 February and Sunday 5 February 2017.

Having a booth at a conference with more than 8000 open source enthusiasts, more than 600 lectures and lightning talks by organizations like MySQL, Mozilla, Python... is a great opportunity to promote CiviCRM!

Help at the Booth

Want to help promoting CiviCRM? Join us at the booth! Please email me at alain@businessandcode.eu for the practical details.



12 January, 2017
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TL;DR: A migration project is underway to bring wiki content into the Developer Guide.

The wiki is kind of like that drawer in your kitchen where you put things that seem useful but don't really have "a place". And it works okay, especially when its your kitchen, because you have a decent idea of what you've chucked in there over the years.

Hi my name is Sean and I'm an aspiring CiviCRM developer. After many years as a CiviCRM user and administrator, I've carved out some time in my life to effectively "go to school" on CiviCRM development. Last month, I got started by diving into reading the wiki, hoping it would serve as my text book. But instead I found someone else's kitchen drawer filled with – useful things, for sure – but also that familiar medley of...

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09 January, 2017

JMA Consulting is pleased to welcome Jon Goldberg as our new Director of Operations effective today.

After a brief stint as a political organizer, Jon spent 13 years working in various capacities at a non-profit legal organization, primarily in IT.  In 2010 he co-founded Palante Technology Cooperative and started their CiviCRM department, where he worked for 7 years.  Outside of work, Jon can be found engaging in queer community organizing, (dis-)assembling electronics, and training parrots.

"I'm really excited to have Jon join us given his keen appreciation of how to help progressive organizations achieve their missions using CiviCRM. He's got a deep and wide knowledge of CiviCRM. I appreciate how he gives back to the community like through StackExchange, where he is the top ranked CiviCRM contributor," said Joe Murray, President of JMA Consulting and co-author of...

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14 November, 2016
By josh
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A few weeks ago, we rolled out an outline of how we’ll manage contributions to CiviCRM going forward. Full details about the framework are now online here. For this post, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve taken the effort forward by enabling self-reporting on contributions via a simple contribution log.

While managing community contributions is central to the Core Team’s role, it truly is a complex task to onboard, evaluate, reward and recognize contributors that come to the project for different reasons and from different sources. It’s more than a full time job. Because of this, we run the risk of diluting the efforts of our senior developers, and hence their capacity to work on CiviCRM (the software). At the end of the day, nobody wants that! So, in order to keep the Core Team...

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31 October, 2016
By josh
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The CiviCRM Core Team is pleased to announce that it will begin hosting monthly webinars for project contributors and supporters (members, partners, sponsors) beginning December 8th, 2016, and continue on the second Thursday of each month throughout 2017. These webinars will be a mix of overall project updates (provided quarterly) and technical improvements and demonstrations (provided 8 months out of the year). A full schedule and details will be provided in advance at http://civicrm.org/webinars

As a project, CiviCRM continues to evolve, relying on community support and contributions more than ever. Core Team webinars are intended to provide another opportunity to connect contributors and supporters with the progress and direction of both the software and the project as a whole. While these webinars are presentations by the Core Team, Q...

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31 October, 2016
By josh
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Long time contributor Eileen McNaughton recently won the New Zealand Open Source Award for Open Source Contributor, so we thought we’d reach out to a few members of the community to get input on her efforts with CiviCRM. Erik Hommel and Dave Greenberg are kicking off this blog post with their own personal thanks to Eileen. If you have a comment, story, or just want to say thanks, post it in the comments!

Thanks from Erik Hommel

I was really really happy last week to read that Eileen McNaughton won the NZ Open Source Contributor Award 2016. I can not compare to other open source projects as I only know the CiviCRM community really well, but man does she contribute! Always approachable on our communication channels, ready to help anyone in the community, fixing code, enhancing code and mothering most of the unit tests. There are times where I thought she had two lives at the same time until I read...

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16 October, 2016
By josh
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Nearly 78% of sites using CiviCRM are on either version 4.6 or 4.7 (check out CiviCRM stats online). Why is that significant? Because those are the only two community supported releases currently. If you’re not on one of these versions, most importantly, don’t be alarmed. There might be a reason you’re not… perhaps you’re using a partner that continues to support an previous version, or have customizations that prohibit an upgrade. If that’s the case, feel free to skip the rest of this post. But, if there’s no good reason not to upgrade, then read on.

What do we mean when we say that 4.6 and 4.7 are the only versions being supported? Well, just that. CiviCRM 4.7 is the latest stable version of the software and is the primary focus of the Core Team. Version 4.6 is the current LTS, meaning that security updates (but not new features) will be back ported to it for a not-yet-determined amount of time. If you’re on any other version, then...

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