User Guide Improvements from Remote Sprint

2018-03-25 20:44
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seancolsen - member of the CiviCRM community - view blog guidelines
Last week we had a remote sprint to improve documentation, and wow, what a success it was! ## Progress * The sprint was focused on improving the [User Guide]( * Check out [everything we did]( * GitHub [tells us]( _Excluding merges, 14 authors have pushed 86 commits to master and 88 commits to all branches. On master, 206 files have changed and there have been 1,182 additions and 1,917 deletions._ Wow! * Notably, we made _significant_ progress on [adding cross-references]( to improve navigation and discoverability (though there's still some more work to do here). * Furthermore, some people also did some work on the other guides too, and that work is not reflected in the milestone linked above. ## People * Sixteen people participated. Thanks!! * Abiha Zakariya ([AGH Strategies]( * Aidan Saunders ([Squiffle Consulting]( * Andrew Hunt ([AGH Strategies]( * Anne Smale * Brian Shaughnessy ([Lighthouse Consulting & Design]( * Chris Burgess * Don Hirst * Joanne Chester * Jon Goldberg ([Megaphone Technology]( * Matt Wire * Michael Devery ([Compucorp]( * Seamus Lee * Sean Madsen ([Left Join Labs]( * Steve Kessler * Tim Otten * William Mortada ([William Mortada]( * Abiha Zakariya submitted her first-ever pull-request during the sprint! Congrats!! * Anne Smale says: _What fun it was being part of this 'virtual sprint', and having also attended an actual sprint recently, I found it had the same 'being part of a team' feeling. Although my own skill level in Civi is low, it was great to be able to contribute. It's amazing how much can be achieved by a few, rather than on your own. Although the sprint was over a few days, I dropped in for just one of those days. So, do consider taking part next time — you'll enjoy it!_ ## Reflections * I'm super impressed with how well this worked. * We sprinted from Thursday at 1 am UTC to Sunday at 1 am UTC — and with so many people across different time zones, we pretty much had people working that entire time! * I'd definitely like to do more of these sprint, with this same arrangement, so stay tuned. _If you want to get involved with helping to improve CiviCRM's documentation, join the [Documentation channel on Mattermost]( or check out our [Documentation how-to page](