CiviCRM Booth at Biggest Open Source Conference

2017-01-15 03:00
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CiviCRM will have a booth at one of the biggest free and open source conferences: FOSDEM.

The FOSDEM conference is held every year in Brussels (Belgium) and attracts more than 8000 participants from all over the world.

See for more information.

This year, the conference will be on Saturday 4 February and Sunday 5 February 2017.

Having a booth at a conference with more than 8000 open source enthusiasts, more than 600 lectures and lightning talks by organizations like MySQL, Mozilla, Python... is a great opportunity to promote CiviCRM!

Help at the Booth

Want to help promoting CiviCRM? Join us at the booth! Please email me at for the practical details.




Congratulations Alain, Fosdem is an awesome conference!

Unfortunately, I will be travelling this year, so won't be able to help