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2024-02-24 06:02
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It’s been a few months since Mathieu reworked version 1 of the contributor listing using SearchKit. You can see it in action at

Let me start by saying that it isn’t perfect, meaning that it doesn’t capture every contribution from every corner of the CiviVerse, nor will it display past contributors that are now inactive (at least not without them following the process detailed below).

But, for us, it is a great leap forward in recognizing those individuals that are actively contributing to CiviCRM without attempting to weight the contribution or value it in any way other than to acknowledge it and say “thanks, you’re awesome!” Big thanks to Mathieu for making this happen!

What it does do very nicely is automatically display contributors as they participate in Gitlab, sorting based on the most recent contribution first. No logging your time or valuing your work (against that of others), and no hokey credit system. Just a super simple, clear list of who’s participating and when.

Don’t see your name on this list? Probably you have to take one small step to make the magic happen. Log into your account on https:/ and update your community profile, ensuring that the “Show my name and above information on the contributor listing” is checked.

For freelancers or contributors that wish to work directly with CiviCRM partners, please note the 3rd option which will add your name to a list from which partners can pull. Probably it won't be a windfall of work, but there are often opportunities. Think of it like our own private UpWork. :D

That’s it! Happy contributing!

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Fabulous! Thank you, Mathieu. Wish list: It would be great to pull in information from GitHub as well, since some major code contributors don't touch gitlab very much.

@noah: yep - we plan on adding Github as well