28 February, 2017

Some of you will know, use and might even love the CiviRules extension. We certainly do! Quite a few of the organizations we support with their CiviCRM stuff use and love it, and judging by the question on StackExchange and issues and pull requests on GitHub quite a few more do too!

This is wonderful! But it also means that quite a few organizations are faced with the challenge of keeping CiviRules up to date with the latest CiviCRM versions. And want to make sure the functionality remains the same whenever new upgrades or little fixes to CiviCRM happen. So we think it would be nice if we were able to:

  • ensure CiviRules is compatible with the latest and greatest core CiviCRM
  • add a bunch of automated unit tests to CiviRules that would be run together with the core automated tests so we immediately know about bugs or software conflicts when something changes in core.

To make this possible we need funding. Initially some funding to make...

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10 January, 2017
By Stoob
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Hello world, I would like to introduce the idea of of CiviCRM "Community Fridays".   Let's coalesce our ongoing community efforts improving Civi around a certain day of the week: every Friday.

This is the idea of myself, Allen Shaw, Josh Gowans and and other partners.  Will you consider joining us?  Community Friday isn't just for bugs and developers... it's for marketing, end users and everyone.

Do what you've been doing, do more, or do less, whatever you feel is fair and necessary for your business.   We're just hoping that you try to do it on Fridays with us.

Why?  Like a global mini-sprint, we amplify our efforts when we coordinate together, thus...

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18 December, 2016
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I am interested in connecting with other users of CiviGrant. The Stack Exchange is great for specific questions, but I'd also like to:
- Share real-life examples of CiviGrant use (such as customizations and online grant application processes).
- Explore groups' interest in a Make-It-Happen campaign or other cost-sharing to improve CiviGrant and other components/extensions useful to grantmaking organizations.

If you are interested, please email edith@mrgfoundation.org with "CiviGrant" in the subject line. Here are some questions you could answer in your email to help us get acquainted and see where our CiviGrant needs overlap (my own answers are in brackets).

1)     What organization are you with?

[I’m with MRG Foundation: a grantmaking and fundraising foundation supporting Oregon’s racial justice/social justice movement for over 40 years.]

2)     Sense of scale: Around how many grants do you...

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10 October, 2016

Mosaico Phase II - CiviMail workflow integration

There has been a lot of enthusiasm about the initial release of the “Mosaico” mailing builder. For those who may have missed the news (see previous blog post here!), the Mosaico extension provides “Mailchimp like” drag and drop functionality for composing emails in CiviMail. See a quick gif below:


With kind funding from Healthwatch England; the teams at Veda Consulting, Compucorp and CiviCRM core are working on a second phase of work, to integrate the Mosaico email composer into the standard CiviMail workflow so you can use and compose your emails as...

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21 June, 2016
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Giving back to my community is a core of who I am and it gives me purpose. That is why I love being a contributor to CiviCRM. Volunteerism is how I discovered the power of CiviCRM. As a past board member of the Webster Groves School District Foundation, they reached out to me in 2009 to evaluate their need to review their engagement with eTapestry. I decided to do my research to look for alternative solutions available to understand our options. That is how I found out about CiviCRM and the power it gave nonprofits to integrate their web presence with their donor, event and membership management systems.

At the same time, I was in the early planning stages of starting Spry Digital with my partners. We shared a love for the open source community and their passion to build great technology platforms. Since starting in 2010, our team has worked with the WordPress, Drupal and CiviCRM communities to promote these platforms,...

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10 March, 2016

CiviCRM Entity is a Drupal module which greatly enhances CiviCRM integration with Drupal. This module exposes many CiviCRM entities as true Drupal entities. That means that almost any module can use Drupal entities. As a result, these modules can access and manipulate CiviCRM data directly from within Drupal via Drupal’s Entity API. This includes many commonly used modules such as Views, Rules, Search API, Entityqueue, Entity Reference, and many more.

CiviCRM Entity was originally developed by Eileen McNaughton from Fuzion....

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20 May, 2015
By mpeth
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If you have been working with CiviCRM for a while, you will have noticed that certain patterns occur regularly in your data - and thus have to be entered over and over again.

Consider this: 

  • The prefix "Mr" corresponds to the gender "male", "Mrs" is usually "female" - you know that, but CiviCRM does not, so you have to make an additional entry

  • In languages other than English, you might have the additional hassle of choosing the gender-specific greetings

  • You might also have requirements specific to your organisation - e.g. if you are a faith-based organisation that has contacts with more than 30 different combinations of prefix, formal title, addressee and greetings formats.

​​ ​I'm sure you could come up with more examples from your daily work for data patterns that are common to certain contact segments. Wouldn...

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31 March, 2015
By roshani
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We want to thank everyone in the open source and CiviCRM communities for their support for the CiviVolunteer 2.0 matching grant fundraising campaign. We were given the challenge of raising $15,000 by March 31st in order to access a matching grant for the same amount, and we raised $16,480! This grant will help us to improve CiviVolunteer and take it to the next level. We are very grateful to the CiviCRM user and partner communities for coming together to make this happen! We look forward to working with everyone to define the requirements for CiviVolunteer 2.0 and helping to create it. We hope that our work will help to make CiviCRM even more powerful for nonprofits allowing them to manage their volunteer programs more effectively.


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30 March, 2015
By rminkov
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We implemented CiviCRM in our non-profit company CEPS (www.ceps.eu) for it fits very well our needs. We use it almost out of the box for contact management, memberships, mailing and event registration.

On problem we experienced immediately - people where able to change their data during the event registration process and we didn't like this. We keep our data up to date manualy and wanted that only event registration is registered, but didn't want the current user info to be updated with the form input.

At the moment of implementation we had Civi 4.1 and the only field used for deduplication via event registration was email. This produced huge discrepancies in our database on daily basis, as we have many constituents where everybody in the company have same email address ...

Upgrade to 4.4 improved the issue with making it possible to use unsupervised deduplication rule during event registration. So - same email address but...

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27 March, 2015
By roshani
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As we get close to March 31st, we are excited to share that we have raised $9,250 of the $15,000 to get a matching grant to create CiviVolunteer 2.0.  Please consider donating what you can to show your support.  With this matching grant, we will be able to able volunteer management within CiviCRM more robust and powerful.  Here's what some of the contributors are saying about the importance of CiviVolunteer 2.0 to their organizations. Donate now.

Damon Kirkpatrick, Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites
"One of the most precious things anyone has to give is their time. At Friends of Georgia State Parks, our volunteers are at the core of what we do. They choose to give their time to help us protect and enhance Georgia's state parks. While CiviCRM has met our needs for almost eight years now, there has always been a gaping hole for us...

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