CiviRules - basic engine as the result of our first sprint

2015-02-10 06:09
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During January and February MAF Norge and Jaap and me from CiviCooP have done the first CiviRules sprint, funded by MAF Norge. Our ambitions where:

  1. tie up some of the loose ends in the current Trigger extension that MAF Norge uses now
  2. start with the CiviRules UI
  3. have a first draft of the basic engine for CiviRules.

Jaap did the first part with the Email/SMS and PDF API (see blogpost and I made a start with the second. Last week Steinar and Helen from MAF Norge joined us and we can now also present you a first draft of the CiviRules Engine! Have a look at our wiki: for the basic outline and let us know what you think!

We are planning for a second sprint in March 2015 (funded by MAF Norge, Ilja de Coster and CiviCooP) in the week of 9 March. We hope Parvez from Veda Consulting and Georges from Amnesty International Vlaanderen will join us too. The ambition is to start with the engine development. Anyone that wants to join too is very welcome! If you do, please contact us before 20 Feb so we can make the right logistic preparations.

Our hope is to have a third sprint in June/July but we do need some additional funding for that. If the development of CiviRules excites you and you would love to see it become available in the CiviCRM ecosystem, consider contributing and contact us!