Improvements to the Export Interface are in the works

2019-07-13 07:43
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josh - member of the CiviCRM community - view blog guidelines

Update: the new export interface is now part of CiviCRM as of version 5.23!

Two aspects of CiviCRM’s broad roadmap involve improving the user interface and adopting a flexible form builder, both of which are well underway. In some cases, there’s overlap in the end product in that work on one or the other results in an overall better user experience. That’s the case with work that’s currently underway that addresses CiviCRM’s export interface.

By applying some of what the Core Team has already been working on with respect to Form Builder, we’ve been able to overhaul the export interface such that it’s significantly more flexible, allowing users to reorder fields with ease. The work has been funded graciously by the Wikimedia Foundation who’s been keen to address both UI improvements as well as flexibility in the form layer.

The new export interface will ship as an extension, though at a future point will be “leaped” into core. Work is ongoing and there’s still room to support the effort. If you like what you see, please consider making a contribution to the Export Interface Make It Happen Campaign.