System Administrator Guide coming soon... if MIH campaign succeeds

2017-09-13 10:35
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Are you a system administrator who installs, configures, upgrades, or integrates CiviCRM?

Have you noticed how awesome the new User Guide and Developer Guide are, but felt sad that the system administrator docs have been left out of the party, languishing in the wiki?

Your time has come! A System Administrator Guide will soon be on its way! ... hopefully...

I've just launched a Make It Happen campaign to build the System Administrator Guide. If I can raise $2,000 USD by October 15th, I will migrate the installation, setup, and upgrade documentation out of the wiki and into a beautiful guide on our new documentation platform.

I already did this for the Developer Guide — just on an entirely volunteer basis. Even though I had some help (especially from Seamus Lee), it took a lot of time! At least 100 hours of my time. I only just started keeping track last month. The good news is that, for a variety of reasons, I think the Sysadmin Guide content migration will be quite a bit easier (hence the pretty low price of $2k USD). But I still don't want to take it on as a volunteer.

View the campaign to learn more about the details and monitor its progress.

Or go straight to the donation form if you're already convinced.

PS: This is an "all or nothing campaign". If it doesn't raise at least $2k USD by Oct 15th, I won't build the guide. To follow this logic, you'll need to choose a pay-later contribution. Or choose to pay now and have your donation go to the Core Team if the campaign fails to meet its target.