System Administrator Guide coming soon... if MIH campaign succeeds

2017-09-13 10:35
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seancolsen - member of the CiviCRM community - view blog guidelines
Are you a system administrator who installs, configures, upgrades, or integrates CiviCRM? Have you noticed how _awesome_ the new [User Guide]( and [Developer Guide]( are, but felt sad that the system administrator docs have been left out of the party, languishing in the wiki? Your time has come! A System Administrator Guide will soon be on its way! ... *hopefully*...
**I've just launched a [Make It Happen campaign to build the System Administrator Guide](** If I can raise **$2,000** USD by **October 15th**, I will migrate the _installation_, _setup_, and _upgrade_ documentation out of the wiki and into a beautiful guide on our new documentation platform. I [already did this for the Developer Guide]( — just on an entirely volunteer basis. Even though I had some help (especially from Seamus Lee), it took a *lot* of time! At least 100 hours of my time. I only just started [keeping track]( last month. The good news is that, for a variety of reasons, I think the Sysadmin Guide content migration will be quite a bit easier (hence the pretty low price of $2k USD). But I still don't want to take it on as a volunteer. **[View the campaign](** to learn more about the details and monitor its progress. Or [go straight to the donation form]( if you're already convinced.
_PS: This is an "all or nothing campaign". If it doesn't raise at least $2k USD by Oct 15th, I won't build the guide. To follow this logic, you'll need to choose a pay-later contribution. Or choose to pay now and have your donation go to the Core Team if the campaign fails to meet its target._