Email Template Builder: Mosaico Phase 2 Plans

2016-10-10 16:03
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Mosaico Phase II - CiviMail workflow integration

There has been a lot of enthusiasm about the initial release of the “Mosaico” mailing builder. For those who may have missed the news (see previous blog post here!), the Mosaico extension provides “Mailchimp like” drag and drop functionality for composing emails in CiviMail. See a quick gif below:


With kind funding from Healthwatch England; the teams at Veda Consulting, Compucorp and CiviCRM core are working on a second phase of work, to integrate the Mosaico email composer into the standard CiviMail workflow so you can use and compose your emails as you create your mailing.

Early stage wireframes are below (but subject to change!):



Full wireframes (including admin screens) can be found here and we would welcome comments:

All three teams are working hard to make this happen and hope to have something to show very soon!

Phase III and wish list:

Whilst funding for phase II of development has been secured (but contributions welcome!), there were a series of “wish list” features that are on the list for a possible phase III:

  • Preview template in responsive screen (aka Mailchimp)

  • Advanced attachments - (Attachments that can show like an image gallery) but the system would create drag-n-drop links instead after upload. This would involve sending a PR upstream to Mosaico core.

  • A-B testing integration

  • Use actual thumbnails instead of base placeholders for templates on screen 2.1

  • Import/manage/delete code "base templates"

​If you would be interested in funding/contributing to any of these features (or an think of any essentials missed) then please pop a comment up below. We will shortly be announcing a crowd funding “make-it-happen” campaign for the next phase of development.

Exciting times!