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2016-10-06 03:40
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We received quite a lot of interest and feedback on our initial release. We're happy to announce that most of the requests have been resolved and the extension is ready for production use.

Some of the quality improvements / fixes that been made are:

  1. Duplicate your mosaico templates in one click.
  2. CIVICRM_MAIL_SMARTY flag is now supported with templates i.e you could now use smarty codes in templates, just like with any message templates.
  3. All Civi tokens now work as they would with civi message templates, including href tokens like {action.unsubscribeUrl}.
  4. Mosaico library updated to latest v0.15 - CSS Inlining, iPhone rendering issues, Tinymce fixes .. and many.
  5. Experimental feature : Import message templates into mosaico when CIVICRM_MOSAICO_IMPORT setting is defined.
  6. Report any issues with template save, to user.
    .. and more.

Very interesting to see how some of the community members are supporting with investigation and fixes. Thanks and credits to:

Mark Rodgers (github: mark-rodgers),
Jon - Palante Technology Cooperative (github: PalanteJon),
Philippe SAMPONT (github: psampont),
Robert (github: R-Frost)
Alex - University Of Cambridge (github: rocxa),
Peter Davis - Fuzion (github: petednz)
Chris Burgess - Fuzion (github: xurizaemon)
Shawn Holt - BackOffice Thinking (github: shawnholt)
Tim Otten - CiviCRM Core Team (github: totten)

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This is very cool stuff - well done. It's great because it doesn't need IT skills to put together something really good that will work well in many email clients.  One problem I couldn't see how to fix is that 'Sample Header for HTML formatted content.' appears in the preheader.  How do we remove that?   Andy

Once you click the preheader section, on left hand side an option will appear - "Show Preheader" which can be toggled off.

How do I upgrade from alpha6? Tried to jsut replace the code but now I get wsod.

Running on ubuntu 14.04 - note that for alpha6 I had to hard code the resource url to the ext folder to fix wsod, now nothing works.