Outlook 365 CiviCRM Plugin - Looking for funding

2018-02-15 01:03
Written by
jaapjansma - member of the CiviCRM community - view blog guidelines

Last month I made a proposal for a client to integrate CiviCRM with Outlook 365. This proposal was rejected because the client did not go for an e-mail migration to Outlook 365. So the need for this plugin was gone.

The plan was that this integration would do the following:

  • all the contacts in CiviCRM exposed to the outlook address book
  • all the groups and the group membership exposed as groups in the outlook address book
  • above would be done with the restriction that you can only see the contacts and groups which you are allowed to see when you login into CiviCRM
  • outlook address book is read only. Meaning that changes should be made in CiviCRM and become visible in outlook

I made a guesstimate that development including testing and documentation takes between 12-24 hours of development.
My own investment would be that I need probably 8-16 hours of learning before I can develop a plugin in Outlook 365. 

So now I am looking for funders for this extension.  Because I do think people would like this plugin but no-one really wants to pay for the development.

I am looking for 6 organizations/people who want to invest 400 euro each (making it total 2.400 euro for 24 hours of development).

This plugin differs from the extension Veda Consulting has made as this one is for Outlook 365 and the Veda one is for Outlook 2016.

If you are willing to co-fund this extension please contact me at jaap.jansma@civicoop.org Or donate below.

The plugin will be released under an open source license and given back to the community. As a reward I will put your name in the description of the extension.