CiviVolunteer 2.0 Matching Grant Successful

2015-03-31 14:14
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We want to thank everyone in the open source and CiviCRM communities for their support for the CiviVolunteer 2.0 matching grant fundraising campaign. We were given the challenge of raising $15,000 by March 31st in order to access a matching grant for the same amount, and we raised $16,480! This grant will help us to improve CiviVolunteer and take it to the next level. We are very grateful to the CiviCRM user and partner communities for coming together to make this happen! We look forward to working with everyone to define the requirements for CiviVolunteer 2.0 and helping to create it. We hope that our work will help to make CiviCRM even more powerful for nonprofits allowing them to manage their volunteer programs more effectively.

Michael Z. Daryabeygi, Principal at Ginkgo Street Labs, said, "This fundraiser has shown how strong the support is in the community for CiviVolunteer and CiviCRM in general. From the beginning, CiviVolunteer was driven by community priorities. It was not our idea, we were just lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet users' needs. We look forward to the new use-cases we will be able to implement with the matching grant and to hear about the great projects that the tool gets used for."

We would like to give special thanks to Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites for their generous support. Damon Kirkpatrick, Director of Operations & Development at Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites explained, "One of the most precious things anyone has to give is their time. At Friends of Georgia State Parks, our volunteers are at the core of what we do. They choose to give their time to help us protect and enhance Georgia's state parks. While CiviCRM has met our needs for almost eight years now, there has always been a gaping hole for us regarding one of our most precious assets, our great team of over 6,000 volunteers. We are very happy to be involved in CiviVolunteer and helping it better meet our needs and the needs of other organizations like ours. Version 2.0 will allow us to better track the significant impact our volunteers make everyday and, at the same time, will better enable our volunteer managers to recruit, retain and reward their hard working volunteers. We are very excited to see CiviCRM rounded out with a capable and sophisticated volunteer management system and are delighted to be a small part of the effort."  

Without the support of the CiviCRM staff, we would not have been able to garner the support for the matching grant. We are very grateful to everyone on the core team for their support, especially Joshua Gowans, CiviCRM Membership Manager.  He explained, "CiviCRM's Make It Happen campaigns remain a key vehicle for the community to drive features and functionality throughout the system. Like all aspects of the project, however, MIH requires direct community support and engagement in order for CiviCRM to continue to evolve and serve the 9,300+ organizations that rely on it. This is a great achievement for CiviVolunteer and a testament to the strength of the CiviCRM community!"

We also appreciate all the support we received from the CiviCRM partner community.  Graham Mitchell, Founding Partner at mc3 explained, "We work with a range of clients who have a volunteer management requirement. The early release for CiviVolunteer showed great promise, but didn't quite have the features that would make it a solid workable solution for our needs. We've been in discussion with the development team over several months about how CiviVolunteer can be enhanced to offer an effective solution, and we are really looking forward to seeing what will be released in the 2.0 version. Many many CiviCRM users stand to benefit form this project."

Thanks to all the Contributors

Here's a complete list of contributors to the matching grant.  We will continue to update this list as we get additional contributors.

Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites, Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education, PhillyCAM, Easton Community Access Television, Woodlands Church, Glenwood Community Church, Citizen Action of New York, Gingerfeet LLC, Harlem Pride, Inc., Learning to CARE Institute, The Viking Mars Missions Education and Preservation Project, Venture Acceleration and Raymond Coalition for Youth, Inc

CiviCRM Partners
Cividesk, Glocal Cooperative, Skvare, Tadpole Collective, Veda Consulting LTD, Palante Technology Cooperative, JMA Consulting, AGH Strategies, Greenleaf Advancement and Fuzion

Barbara Errickson, Joe Kavanagh, Rex Gillit, Dave Greenberg, Joshua Gowan, Tim Otten, Rex Gillit, Pete Faust, Mathieu Lutfy, Birgit Pauli-Haack, Eliet Henderson, Kathleen Malin, Robert Weissler, Ajay Rai, Jill Dominguez, Lisa Jervis and Gergő Tisza

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