May 28: Evaluating Payment Processor Options (Free Webinar)

At Ginkgo Street Labs, we are often asked by clients which payment processor they should go with that integrates with CiviCRM. To make it easier for organizations to select which payment processor will work best for their organization, we researched several payment processor options, including iATS payments,, Paypal Pro for Nonprofits and Stripe, and compiled this information into a resource that can be used as a reference.

Future of CiviCRM & Mobile

As we are living in an increasingly mobile-focused world, how can CiviCRM can be integrated with mobile and leverage features native to mobile? During the recent CiviCRM Sprint in Colorado, a group of us got together to discuss what currently exists, what's in the works and new features that would be helpful to include in the future. 

CiviVolunteer 2.0 Matching Grant Successful

We want to thank everyone in the open source and CiviCRM communities for their support for the CiviVolunteer 2.0 matching grant fundraising campaign. We were given the challenge of raising $15,000 by March 31st in order to access a matching grant for the same amount, and we raised $16,480! This grant will help us to improve CiviVolunteer and take it to the next level.

Join by March 31st: CiviVolunteer 2.0 Matching Grant

As we get close to March 31st, we are excited to share that we have raised $9,250 of the $15,000 to get a matching grant to create CiviVolunteer 2.0.  Please consider donating what you can to show your support.  With this matching grant, we will be able to able volunteer management within CiviCRM more robust and powerful.  Here's what some of the contributors are saying about the importance of CiviVolunteer 2.0 to their organizations. Donate now.

CiviVolunteer Matching Grant: Join Us by March 31st

Working as a community, we can create something more powerful and benefit more people than we can working in silos. CiviVolunteer was born from the needs and generosity of a few. Today we invite you to become a CiviVolunteer Champion by funding the new features and improvements that you care about the most. A gracious and anonymous donor is providing a matching grant to the CiviCRM project, and Ginkgo Street Labs has been entrusted to use that grant to continue our development of CiviVolunteer. However, we need your help to take advantage of this. Help us raise $15,000 by March 31st, so the community doesn't miss this opportunity.

CiviTeacher: Empowering CiviCRM Users with Training Videos

Some of you may have heard of CiviTeacher and watched some of the great training videos available on the site. I think it's an excellent resource that walks you through different CiviCRM tasks and features. It gives you access to easy to digest, short videos, which will help you to make the most of CiviCRM. The videos also share best practices and lessons learned that will save you time and headaches by helping you to set up things correctly in CiviCRM.  I thought it would be great to know more about CiviTeacher and Stuart Gaston, who started CiviTeacher, so I emailed him to see if he would like to do a blog interview. Have more questions about CiviTeacher? Feel free to comment to share your questions.