Webinar - Jan. 29: CiviVolunteer Tips & Tricks

Ginkgo Street Labs is pleased to announce a free webinar on using CiviCRM for a managing a volunteer program successfully. As the developers of the CiviVolunteer extension, we will show you how it extends the core functionality of CiviCRM through all stages of your program. Frank J. Gómez, Principal & Developer, and Roshani Kothari, Director of Strategy & Engagement, will share with you how large and small volunteer programs are being managed using CiviVolunteer. 

CiviVolunteer Survey: Volunteer Management Challenges

At Ginkgo Street Labs, we’re on a mission to improve CiviCRM to better meet users’ growing and changing needs. We have many ways that we gather data on those needs, most recently through the CiviVolunteer Survey, in which we asked how organizations are managing their volunteer programs. To encourage participation in the survey, we raffled four $25 Amazon gift certificates.

Dec. 9: Power of CiviCRM Webinar

We would like to invite you to the Power of CiviCRM webinar from 4-5 pm EST. I will be providing an introduction to CiviCRM and sharing some case studies.  Dave Greenberg will also join the webinar to share thoughts about the vision for CiviCRM.  In a recent blog post, he shared, “As we approach our 10th year, I continue to believe that providing open source software solutions for the challenges faced by nonprofits and NGOs around the world is critically important.