27 March, 2020
By BjoernE
We live in challenging times, and we should now help each other more then ever - especially when on lockdown.
We created a CiviCRM extension to coordinate help for the vulnerable and most affected members of your neighbourhood, community, town or county. It provides two simple public forms, where people can sign up either to request or offer help. These forms then create CiviCRM contacts with the help requests/offers stored in custom fields.
As a next step the included algorithm automatically matches and assigns the best suited helpers to the people in need, based on distance, type of help, and helper workload. All you have to do, is to confirm the created helper relationship and communicate the assignments to the people.
Types of help could simply be a general "any", or specific ones like "walk the dog", "do the shopping" or "pick up parcels". You can configure as many as you want, or simply...
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13 January, 2020

For a nonprofit, raising enough funds to do the most good is at the forefront of goal setting this new year. Direct and recurring donations have always been time-proven and effective ways to achieve this goal. But how can a nonprofit differentiate themselves and maximize the revenue available to aid their cause? Adding an e-commerce store with profitable products that both connect to your organization’s vision and add funds to fuel your efforts can be a game-changer.


Charity:Water’s success in the e-commerce space is both aspirational and strategic genius. By implementing an e-commerce solution, powered by a payments processor similar to the Commerce iATS module available for both Drupal 7, 8 and the ...

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02 December, 2019

Tis the season of Holiday fundraisers, face to face gatherings & last but not least the season of giving!

With so many live events going on, it’s the perfect time for you to take advantage of mobile payment processing to maximize face to face fundraising and reach or surpass your fundraising goals this year.

Non-Profits who can’t accept credit card payments at their events are leaving donor dollars on the table. Some of our customers have Quadrupled Fundraising Dollars just by offering donors the ability to give via their credit card. For some insights into the potential that the iATS Mobile Payments App has to supercharge your fundraising, take a look at our recent case study on International China Concern below.

Throughout 2019 many new and existing iATS customers...

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22 November, 2019

The French American Chamber of Commerce – New York (FACC-NY) is part of a national network of FACC chapters that promote business between France and the United States. The FACC–NY is comprised of diverse member businesses and offers a range of programs, providing growth opportunities to businesses and their communities.

Cividesk recently spoke with Jeremie Sautter, Associate Director of Membership and Martin Bischoff, Managing Director of the Chamber to learn more about their experiences transitioning to and using CiviCRM.

How were you managing your data before CiviCRM?
Before CiviCRM, we first used an Access database and then switched to another trade association and chamber of commerce management program, which was not a high performing tool. There was little possibility for customization and was not integrated with our website, so we could neither do online registration nor manage...

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20 August, 2019
By roshani

Plastic Pollution Coalition is a project of Earth Island Institute. We focus on:

  • Bringing together people, organizations, and companies worldwide to end plastic pollution,
  • Raising awareness about the plastic pollution crisis, through news, guides, templates and toolkits, 
  • Encouraging and supporting individuals, organizations and companies to innovate and advocate for alternatives to plastic.

NationBuilder to CiviCRM Migration

I started working as the Technology & Digital Operations Director with Plastic Pollution Coalition in June 2019, and by the end of July 2019, we had to migrate from NationBuilder to another CRM! One...

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20 August, 2019


The below post was recently included in the community newsletter, and we wanted to give more users a chance to participate. All entries are eligible to win a $500.00 donation to the non-profit organization of their choice. Entry will remain open until August 31st and we will announce the winner in the second week of September via the CiviCRM newsletter, LinkedIn & Facebook so stay tuned!

We want to hear what you want!

Since 2014 iATS Payments has partnered with CiviCRM to bring the best payments technology to the table. We found this partnership to be an ideal match because at iATS we only work with Nonprofits to optimize your specific needs for payments solutions. During that time, we have proudly maintained, enhanced and supported our payment extension in CiviCRM.

In the last community newsletter we...

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29 March, 2019
The mission of The First Tee of Denver is to educate and inspire youth academically, socially and physically through the game of golf. The First Tee offers group lessons where students learn not only golf, but core values that are incorporated throughout the program, such as honesty and responsibility.
Cividesk recently spoke with Dan Reeves, Director of Operations for The First Tee of Denver about their transition to CiviCRM.
Tell us more about “life before CiviCRM”
We were using several different systems to complete various tasks, so data was not in a centralized location.  Our previous website was in Joomla, and we were using an extension to the website for class registration, but we also used a cloud-based service for donor management and Excel spreadsheets to track other information.
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08 March, 2019
By nicol

Late last year CiviCRM won some seed funding from Mozilla’s MOSS fund to support the core team, and also research our community priorities. We're focussing on two questions connected to CiviCRM’s future growth and sustainability:

  • how do non-profits chose their CRM? what would make them consider and chose CiviCRM or not?
  • how well do users of CiviCRM in languages other than English interact with CiviCRM and what should we focus on improving?

There’s a lot of possible answers to the first questions, which spans from marketing to visibility, features to usability, costs to risk. Almost everyone in the community has a viewpoint on it; and that’s what’s driving this research inquiry - we want to identify general trends, while tapping into the huge breadth of knowledge between us. We’ve created separate surveys for CRM end-users themselves (who may not be CiviCRM users) and CiviCRM...

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28 February, 2019

Restoring the Foundations Ministry (RTF) is an integrated approach to biblical healing, with over 200 teams around the globe providing training and personal ministry to churches and people seeking help. The mission of the organization is to offer “hope for healing, freedom from life’s deepest struggles, and renewed purpose for living.” Jaque Orsi, office administrator at RTF, recently spoke with Cividesk to share her experiences of using CiviCRM. 

What challenges were you experiencing before transitioning to Cividesk services?
When Jaque joined the staff at Restoring the Foundations Ministry, the organization had recently implemented a new WordPress website integrated with CiviCRM. Restoring the Foundations hired a consultant to help with the configuration of CiviCRM and custom coding. Jaque explained that “we were able to use the basic features in CiviCRM but it was not...

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29 January, 2019

An interview with the Museum of Jewish Art and History (mahJ)

Cividesk recently reached out to mahJ so they can share with the community their success with the implementation of CiviCRM. Cividesk spoke with the museum’s IT Manager, Sébastien Pauly, and Communications Attaché, Louise Tellier, to learn more about the challenges they faced before switching to CiviCRM, their experience transitioning to CiviCRM and the benefits of using CiviCRM.

The following topics have been discussed during the interview:

  • Before CiviCRM
  • Implementation and Training
  • Daily Use
  • Benefits of CiviCRM
  • Advice for organizations considering CiviCRM
  • Future Projects
The Musée d'Art et d'Histoire du Judaïsme (mahJ) is the largest French museum of Jewish art and history. Located in the Marais district of...
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