28 September, 2015

The Vietnamese Friendship Association (VFA) of Seattle is a non-profit organization that promotes equality in education, fosters civic engagement, and advocates for Vietnamese and other refugee and immigrant communities.  The organization focuses on supporting students and families, engaging leaders and working with diverse communities to support systems changes. Cividesk recently spoke with James Hong, Executive director and Kristina Ong, Fund Development Manager about how CiviCRM has helped them accomplish their mission.

Before implementing CiviCRM, VFA chose to use Sales Force as their CRM. However, VFA staff found Sales Force to be “cumbersome”; “it was just not intuitive”, explained James. After a year, they decided to make a switch to a different CRM that was easier to use. VFA had researched several choices before making their initial choice of Sales Force, and CiviCRM had been one...

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25 September, 2015
By Stoob

See how donation, events and grant data can live happily under one CiviCRM roof.

McKenzie River Gathering (MRG) Foundation is the leading funder of Oregon's social justice movements, driven by an unwavering belief in the power of collective action to change the world. Robust management of our various constituencies is essential for meeting our goals.

McKenzie River Gathering

In late 2012, the fundraising/events CRM we were using was about to be discontinued, and the custom Access-based database we were using for outgoing grants was becoming dated. We began the search for a CRM that could handle all of our program areas in one system. Since our constituents in fundraising/events and grants overlap, using a single CRM helps us get a better picture of people's relationship to MRG, and it streamlines...

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28 August, 2015
By pkeogan
The Sustainable Furnishings Council is an educational and marketing organization, promoting healthy environments, inside and outside.  The council promotes sustainable practices among furniture manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike. 
As we're seeing with many of our member driven clients, the Sustainable Furnishings Council wanted to create a visually stunning, mobile friendly website emphasizing member promotion as a way to add exposure and value to their members.    Member promotion drives value because the organization's website often has relatively high traffic compared to an individual member website and thus acts as an important referral source.  To do this effectively,  choosing the right combination of Website tool (CMS) and backend database (CMS/AMS) is essential.  Almost always, the CiviCRM/Drupal combination is an excellent tool set choice...
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27 August, 2015

Development and Alumni Relations at the University of Cambridge migrated their bespoke system for managing Alumni Groups into their Drupal and CiviCRM website. The new system went live in early January.

Visitors to the Alumni Groups section of our site now enjoy a more consistent user experience as the display is handled entirely by Drupal using our standard theme. Due to the flexible nature of Drupal and CiviCRM we were able to closely recreate the front end experience from the previous bespoke system, so users were not thrown by the change but benefited from a number of improvements.  The Group pages are now more...

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14 August, 2015
By Parvez

CiviCRM stumbled into my life back in 2007 when I was evaluating future products for the closed source consultancy who employed me. Who decided to look into open source? Well that was me! I’d been in IT for a while and could see the changes in software were coming, no longer were the niche technology stacks that giants such as Oracle and Microsoft owned proving to barriers, instead open technology and the power of the enthusiast guided by the brilliant were taking shape. Back in 2007 CiviCRM reminded me of an Atari in the CRM sector full of Playstations. But there was one outstanding factor, the Atari had been produced using Open Source, meaning that its growth potential was huge. Together with the fact that it was, at the time, wedded to Drupal for the most part meant it had the perfect launch pad to make it serious contender when it came to software selection.

That was all of 8 years ago,...

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04 August, 2015

Yoga for the People (YFP) is a 100% volunteer-run nonprofit organization in Denver, Colorado. They believe that all people should have access to the benefits of a consistent yoga practice, and one of our primary operations is pairing volunteer yoga teachers with host-sites.
As a 100% volunteer-run nonprofit organization, Yoga for the People relies on the generosity of the community to meet its mission. They could not afford the services of a consultant to setup a CRM.

Cividesk offered their help as part of their Giving Back program. This program is targeted at ‘volunteer-run non-profit organizations providing free and secular services to the underprivileged’, and provides these organizations with pro-bono solution design, professional hosting, software customizations, technical support or training services. As we did meet the criteria of...

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01 August, 2015

The Australian Greens developed 2 new custom searches to enable us to do data clean-up and to monitor for spam records that were coming into our system, mainly through the Drupal user registration form.

The first search (addresses needing fixing) has a number of different combinations to find different issues with addresses. This allows to check for where there is a state set but that doesn't match the set country or where the postcode isn't correct for Australian postcodes. All Australian Postcodes are numerical and are 3 or 4 digits in length.

This search also has options to check to check on addresses which we have put in "NCA" in the street address field, (this stands for No Current Address as there was no easy way to have addresses on hold).This is done so we can review and see if we have a more up to date address being added to the system.

We also have an option to check on and make sure that the city (we call suburb) field is filed out if state and...

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03 July, 2015

The National Workers Union is a small trade union based in Trinidad and Tobago.  For those whose geography is not so good, we are the southern most Caribbean island.  On a map, we are a little dot just 11 miles off the coast of Venezuela.

We are probably unusual amongst trade unions in Trinidad in that we use Linux (Ubuntu) and open source software on all our computers. In preparing this article I checked the Civi Forum and found my first query was in September 2007. So I guess we might have been using CiviCRM since version 2.x and possibly 1.x.

As a trade union, our primary need is to maintain a list of members and record union dues. We have a legal requirement to submit annual returns showing how many members we have and a gender breakdown. Early on, we worked out how to set up Rules to show membership status which helped with this.

We also worked out how...

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03 July, 2015

In the summer of 2007, I was in my fourth year of volunteering for a very small organization, Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites.   At the time, the organization had about 20 chapters statewide and just around 1,000 members.   The spreadsheets that managed all these names and addresses had become too cumbersome and, as a tech-head from HP, I was asked to see if I could do anything about it.  Like many small non-profits, the budget for the project was extremely limited.

After a few possible home built options (Access Databases, etc.), I came across CiviCRM.  Still in its early years, CiviCRM seemed to have everything we needed right out of the box.  Donor management, member management (the big key for us) and online sales options were all included and completely customizable to fit our requirements.  A quick install on my home computer, a quick demo for the board and a very inexpensive hosting contract were all...

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02 July, 2015

Message from Steinar (MAF Norge)

CiviRules is live and doing effective automation!

Two weeks ago, Wednesday June 10th, MAF Norway started to use CiviRules on their live production site.
We did set up one single rule, which starting from that day, saves us for approximately 1 hour work pr. day. That is almost 15% of one persons workload throughout the year!

The extension is open for download from github. It has some basics features and some cool stuff already.
If you also download the SMS API (or EMAIL API or PDF API), you could already schedule things like this:

  •     Automatically send a sms with congratulation every time a contact has birthday.
  •     Automatically put contacts in a certain group if they contribute over a certain amount.
  •     Automatically tag contacts that have changed their email adress.

This could again be combined with a report on some back office staff member....

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